Easy Tips for Spanish Villa Inspired Home

There are so many different places to draw inspiration when you’re remodeling or decorating your home. With the abundance of options available to you, it can be really hard to select just one. You could go with a sleek modern design, a victorian mansion feel, or even a rustic farmhouse can give you inspiration. Or you could try your hand at recreating a modern spanish villa.

Spanish Style House - Easy Tips for Spanish Villa Inspired Home

The beauty of a spanish villa…in your home

This may not be a design inspiration that will automatically pop into your mind when you start thinking about design and decoration ideas; but it should. You can keep it minimal, or go all out and recreate your home to mimic a spanish villa. There are a few key things you can do to make your home look just a little bit mediterranean, a little bit modern, and a little bit spanish.

Painted tiles

Painted tiles are a great way to make a statement in any room of your home. You could bring the tiles outdoors, and use them in a patio to bring a mediterranean oasis to your backyard. They’ll also transform your bathroom, making a normally drab room stand out and give all of your friends some serious powder room envy. They even have a place in the kitchen. If you don’t want to replace your flooring with painted tiles, you can utilize them for a colorful backsplash. And there are so many color palettes to choose from, so you can truly find a painted tile that will perfectly complement your modern spanish villa inspired home.

Granite Countertops - Easy Tips for Spanish Villa Inspired Home

Updating your countertops

A sleek finish to any kitchen or bathroom is granite countertops. The natural materials will complement the spanish accents in your home, really letting them speak for themselves. Rather than having a synthetic material, a natural stone look will provide you with the raw beauty that villas are known for. Another great countertop option for a kitchen is a butcher’s block. The exposed wood will stand out and create a unique look for your kitchen.

Smaller accents

There are so many small ways to add a little bit of spanish villa inspiration to your home. You can go big, or you can definitely go small. No matter the size of what you add to your home, you’ll be able to showcase your inspiration through every selection. A simple addition you probably wouldn’t initially think of, is light switch plates. This is something many people don’t really think of, or usually notice in a home. They’re all simple, and they’re all white. But by switching out these switch plates with something a little more unique, you can make any room look a little more put together. You can update the switch plates in just one room, to make it really stand out; or you can replace the switch plates in every room, no matter the decor of each room. This will help bring the continuity of your spanish villa inspiration throughout your entire home, not just whatever room you’ve started your transformation in.

Plants and pots - Easy Tips for Spanish Villa Inspired Home

Plants and pots

Bringing greenery into your home is always a good idea. Leave the tacky orange, plastic pots at the store, though, and opt instead for beautiful pottery to store your plants in. Bonus points if your pottery is hand thrown. This will give your home an authentic feel. The greenery will really help brighten up every single room in your home. Plants always help tie a room together, making it look organized and finished.

You don’t have to only include large potted plants in your home, though. You can select small plants for bookshelves and coffee tables. Or even use small, novelty clay bowls to place on end tables and shelves. You can choose to use these bowls for storage, or you can easily leave the empty, simply there for decoration purposes. These are also great for holding spare change, keys, and emptying your pockets into before running a load of laundry. A gorgeous way to organize the odds and ends and generally unorganized parts of your everyday life. The smallest accents can often have the biggest impact on the way your home looks, and making your spanish villa inspiration look cohesive and complete.

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