Effective Tips to Maintain and Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

If you want your air conditioning system to function at the optimum level, you need to maintain it well. You just cannot have a unit which is broken down when you need cool air the most. Simple things may be done in order to maintain the AC and to prevent the breakdown of the AC unit. There will be no need to call the repair provider if you maintain the AC unit in a proper condition. Thus, you will save on air conditioning repair and maintenance cost. If you are not sure of AC maintenance, you may summon the professionals for the AC maintenance work. Regular maintenance of AC unit ensures that the system functions efficiently without any need for repair and replacement work.

AC maintenance - Effective Tips to Maintain and Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

Some homeowners try to carry out AC maintenance by themselves. It may be done only when you have slight knowledge in it. Before starting the maintenance work, make sure that you shut down the AC unit. If the AC is handled in an incorrect manner, there will be more issues. To handle AC maintenance work, you have to follow some tips and guidelines.

Regular Cleaning and Filter Replacement Is Important

For the ones who use reusable filter, they should consider frequent cleaning of the component. An HVAC system is used during summers and winters, so you may consider filter

cleaning just before the two seasons and so on. If it is fall or spring season, one cleaning session will be sufficient. Filter cleaning will help in the elimination of dust particles, allergens and dust that might hinder the flow of air. Filter replacement is the suitable measure that you can take.

Closely Examining the Thermostat

Regular examining and maintenance of AC thermostat forms the part of AC maintenance. If you want your home to enjoy optimum temperature, you may have to examine the thermostat so that it functions properly. Replace your mechanical thermostat with that of programmable one, so that you will be able to control the indoor environment and maintenance comfortably. Thus, you will save on running cost and also save energy.

Have A Look at The Condensing Unit

The fan for the condenser unit should be in best condition. To confirm this, the condensing unit and the fan of the condenser should be checked regularly. Replace the fan immediately if the blades are cracked. If the air conditioning unit is old, you might have to oil the motor bearing on a regular basis. There may be some signs of overheating manifested on the condenser unit such that they include burned wire, melted or blackened insulation on the condenser unit wire.

Have A Look at The Wiring of The Unit

There are several electrical connections forming the part of AC unit. All the connections and wiring should be checked properly. Indeed, it is very much the part of AC maintenance. You might use electrical test meter in order to check the unit capacitor. Have a look at the contactor switch that may require replacement due to excessive pitting. You should choose only an expert for the task of component repairs and wiring.

Regular Cleaning of The Outer Component of the AC

Dust and dirt might build up upon the unit impacting the flow of air. Dust and dirt might reduce the air flow and affect the performance of the AC. With the use of garden hose, you should get rid of the dust, dirt and debris. It is important to handle the coils in a delicate manner.

The above section must be followed closely if you want your air conditioning unit to last for decades. This will also help you to avoid costly repairs and maintenance work. Routine maintenance of central AC is must to be considered. Turn off all the power before doing any repair or maintenance work.

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