Effective use of Bonsai Tools

The art form of Bonsai, which literally means ‘tray planting’, can be traced back for its origin to China, wherefrom it spread to other places through the Buddhist monks and the Chinese invasions. It majorly includes a horticultural practice of miniature plants in small pots. The success of Bonsai practice lies in creating appropriate environment for the plant to survive long enough.

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Many a times, a new bonsai plant dies because of less or extra fertiliser used. While less amount of fertiliser hampers the growth of the plant, excess of it causes the plant to grow vigorously, causing the roots to become excessively thicker, thereby reducing the space in soil for water and oxygen. At this point of time, re-potting in a bigger pot is needed, and if not done on time, the plant dies.

Bonsai plants symbolise peace of mind, sources of anti-depressive energy, patience, love and care and positive frame of mind. It is thus important for a Bonsai practitioner to make the Bonsai plants thrive. This cannot be easy with the ordinary horticulture tools that are used for other plants, as these tools are unable to provide the tender touch and care that the Bonsai plants require.

Hence, for caring the Bonsai plants, speciality horticulture tools, known as Bonsai tools, are needed. These tools are smaller than ordinary horticulture tools in order to fit the small size and curvatures of Bonsai plants. They help in perfect training of Bonsai plants by proper trimming and pruning that give the plants the aesthetically appealing shapes for which they are so well-known. The trimming shears and the pruners are tools used for such purposes, specific to Bonsai plants. They, along with the concave cutters, exactly fit the small sized branches of the Bonsai plants, and give their treatment the tenderness that is required. The butterfly shears and Bonsai scissors also add to the kitty of these specialised tools.

The root cutters are very important, because their quality determines how much easy it will be for the Bonsai plant to breathe in the soil for air and water. Breath ability is a serious factor in the survival of a Bonsai plant. The root cutters may be of various varieties like wire cutter and knob cutter. Then, there can be leaf cutters and tweezers too. A proper collection and use of Bonsai tools ensures the tender loving touch this miniature art form requires to become a masterpiece. This, along with other factors like pot size and re-potting, Bonsai soil quality, time to time pruning and trimming are of utmost importance for proper practice of Bonsai miniature art form.

Since Bonsai horticulture is not any more limited to hobby and pastime activity, but is actually a business proposition due to huge acceptance of this art form outside its oriental origin and in the west, an increased extent of professionalism is needed nowadays, and along with enhanced awareness on Bonsai horticulture, specialised Bonsai tools are more in demand than ever before, and thus have grown cheaper too.

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