Essential Safety Measures for Your Condo

All condominiums, like a Fort condo for sale, are equipped with state of the art security measures. Guards roam the area 24/7 and there are CCTV cameras installed in every nook and cranny, giving each resident an assurance that the unit he or she lives in is a safe one. However, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious right? Whether you are a safety freak or not, it is your responsibility to make sure your belongings are safe inside your condominium. Here are some ways on how you can keep your condominium safe, especially when you go out to work or on a vacation:

Condo Living Room

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

This is one of the keys to safe condo living. Make sure you acquaint yourself with your neighbors so you will have an idea on their regular arrival and departure time so you can respond properly in case something is amiss and vice versa.

Take note as well of the location of all fire exits and stairwells in your building. Include locations like the indoor parking and storage areas too. If your building’s garage has panic buttons equipped on it, know where these buttons are placed so you can respond to emergency quickly.

Hide Your Valuables

If you are leaving, make sure you hide all of your valuables. Keep them in places where thieves would least expect them to be. Majority of the money, jewelry and electronic gadgets are expected to be in the bedroom so don’t give robbers that satisfaction. Be creative in hiding. For example, you can divide your spare cash and scatter them all over the house like in the kitchen cupboard, in a thick book, and in the bathroom cabinet.

If possible, make sure you have a list of all of your things. Keep it updated at all times. This will help you in case you notice something is missing when you arrive home. That way, you won’t have difficulty checking through your stuff over and over because you forgot about a certain object.

Install Security Cameras in Your Unit

The biggest and most obvious benefit of installing security cameras is the fact you can deter crime with them. Once they are placed, you will be able to see their effect on people almost immediately. You can prevent crime from happening because the mere sight of the camera and the thought of getting caught are intimidating enough for mischief-makers.

It is not recommended that you buy dummy cameras. Real cameras offer a lot more protection and they provide a lot of help in monitoring the activities of people in your home and even suspicious-looking passerby. Criminals are usually smart and dummy cameras can give themselves away so there really is no point in having them.

Lock Things Down

Everything that needs to be locked must be locked. Whatever door or window you have in your condominium, secure them all. Test each lock first to make sure they are functioning well. Locking is easier said than done but remembers, robbers prefer to work quickly and locked doors and windows will definitely slow them down.

In addition to that, lock everything even if you are inside your unit. If you have a peephole, make use of it. If you don’t have one, ask the management if you can have one installed. This will help you be cautious of the person at the other side of your door.

A little extra caution will never hurt anyone. Yes, you can be confident of the security available in your condominium but, as mentioned above, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious right?


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