Expanding Your Property? Make Sure You Avoid These Common Mistakes!

If you are looking to make alterations to your home in any way shape or form then you will need to avoid some popular errors that people make. Firstly you should take into consideration the fact that you have a detailed checklist as well as what you intend to work on. In this way if you don’t have a fixed plan in place, then you might run into possible issues in the long term. Check out below just a few of the things you can avoid when it comes to expanding your home.

House renovation
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If you are planning on undertaking a huge renovation to your home you will need to factor in reputable architects. It means that you should find the best there is that you can afford. Things to avoid here include;

  • Not going with any old people off the web.
  • Not doing research into the previous work that your prospective architects have produced.


It is of vital importance that you take into account that you should do plenty of planning. Failure to do this will result in significant consequences on any expansion you wish to do. In this way, you should evade;

  • Leaving things until the last minute which leaves you with absolutely no room to do anything.
  • Drawing up a rough estimate of costs without an accurate spreadsheet involved.
  • Preparing for a number of different scenarios that might put you behind schedule.


Another essential factor is concerning the interiors. You can look at a wide variety of interiors designs online as well as browse the range of vanity units that companies or bathroom units offer. However, you should be warned to tread carefully as everything might not appear to be what it is. Avoid those firms with non-refundable products or lack of payment protection, whilst making looking at reputable companies who have years of experience.


It is really important that you don’t go overboard as far as your spending is concerned. On the whole most people tend to go over the budget when they decide to expand their homes. Whether you are extending a kitchen or bathroom it is dependent on a host of factors such as;

  • Avoiding not going into financial debt.
  • Having a detailed plan of which areas you are spending money on.
  • Making sure you forecast for any hidden costs or extras.

Loft conversion

Some of you may be intending to construct a loft conversion. Whether you are looking to go into the eaves of your home or utilise the space for a home office or kid’s playroom there are several factors to be aware of. These include the likes of;

  • Ensuring you get the required planning permission before you start your actual conversion properly.
  • Making sure your builders have all the relevant materials necessary.
  • Finding out how long the project will take and an end date as to when the conversion will be finished.
  • Keeping tabs on the overall spend and making sure you take into account everything that’s being spent.


It is also extremely important to factor in that word of mouth and recommendations are key. This can be anything ranging from decorators and builders to designers and even architects. It will mean that you avoid the potential pitfalls of hiring someone on a whim. If you do not pay enough attention regarding suggestions it will mean you are leaving the entire project in the hands of someone who has not been recognised for their work.

There are a host of things which you should avoid when looking to extend your home. By following some of these tips, it will guarantee your project is delivered on time and to the highest standard.


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