Family Protection: How to Burglarproof Your Home

Most people want to feel safe in their home and have peace of mind that their property is protected. Unfortunately, there are several ways that burglars target homes and can get in. When you want to burglarproof your home and protect your family, there are a few important steps to take.

Door Smart Lock - Family Protection: How to Burglarproof Your Home

Install a Steel Screen Door

Steel screen doors can make it difficult for the door to be kicked down when someone is attempting a break-in. Install a steel screen door that comes with a double bolt lock, which can be extremely challenging for intruders to try to get through. The screen door will also prevent them from seeing the inside of the home when you have your door open during the day.

Add a Fence

A fence is an extra security measure that can make it difficult to walk onto the property if a lock is used. Burglars may also not want to draw attention to themselves if they attempt to climb over the fence and enter the yard.

Get a Guard Dog

A guard dog can alert you of someone that is targeting your home or is loitering several feet from the house. Most dogs are capable of hearing noises from 50 to 100 feet away, which can allow them to scare off possible intruders who may not want to put their safety at risk if your pet attacks them. Keep the dog outside and put a sign on your gate to inform those passing by that your home is protected.

Use an Alarm System

An alarm system will allow your home to be monitored 24 hours a day with sensors that are used. You can also request that surveillance cameras are installed to record suspicious activity that you may want to turn into the police. If a break-in is detected, the authorities will visit your home promptly, which will reduce the risk of theft.

Use Transponder Keys

Transponder keys that are installed in your vehicles can prevent someone from stealing the car. The keys respond to your vehicle’s computer to ensure that the right mechanism is being used to start the engine.
Although it can be easy to fear a break-in, there are several tools and products from companies like Vista Lock & Safe Co. to safeguard your home. With the right steps taken, you can protect your items from theft and avoid losing thousands of dollars.


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