Fancy A Luxury Bathroom In A Magazine? Make One at Your Home

Having a luxury bathroom at home has become more or less a necessity to those with a keen aesthetic sense. If you too fall in this category and or would like to be pampered at home without driving all the way to a spa, make one at your home.


If you are one of those people who love to have long baths frequently by pampering and relaxing yourself and feeling what paradise is like, then you would surely like to have a luxurious bathroom too to make your experiences more worthwhile. You would have seen one of those elegant bathrooms while rummaging through interior designing magazines or while visiting a spa and would have fancied it for your home. However, don’t simply stop at dreaming, but make it a reality by following some simple tips.

First of all, decide on the bathroom design that will serve as your inspiration. As you cannot do anything about the space that you have inside the bathroom, keep that in mind while choosing your designs. You would have noticed that all luxury bathrooms have designer bathroom furniture, accessories and sophisticated hardware. Therefore, strip off everything including the sink, the toilet and the tiles of your present bathroom.

Now, depending on the theme that you have planned, buy designer sanitary ware and get them installed in your bathroom. The most important ones are a stylish bathtub, a shower area, a sink and a toilet. You can also buy a complete bathroom suite if you are not sure of what design to choose for each. Install them intelligently capitalising the space that is available in the room. You can have a walk in shower with a frameless shower enclosure and a shower tray.

Also, install the bathroom accessories thoughtfully so that there is not a bit of inconvenience that will hamper your luxurious bath. Moreover, look for designs while buying your bath fillers, faucets, shower basket and so on. This is because these elements provide a subtle touch of affluence to your bathroom. Just imagine a beautiful ceramic or panelled bathtub fitted with an ordinary bath filler! The complete design of the bathroom looks drab simply because these elements are not given much importance.

Similarly hunt for tiles that not only are beautiful to look at but also are of a light shade. Also, you can have more than one source of lighting and provide a centralised heating system in the bathroom. To enhance the look and for convenience, place full sized mirrors too. Truly, there are too many improvisations that can be done and therefore stick to your plan so that you do not run out of your budget.

Having a luxury bathrooms at home has become more or less a necessity to those with a keen aesthetic sense and if you want get pampered at your home then make a long time investment of building it.

Have you renovated your bathroom and transformed this private place into one exuding luxury? If yes, let us know how you felt after doing it.

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