Fashion Conscious Kitchens

If you are a dedicated follower of fashion and like to reflect the latest trends in your interior design style as well as your wardrobe then here are just a few of the latest ideas which are making waves in the world of kitchen design:

Modern Kitchen

1. Seamless edges. A smooth look all round is a key feature of modern kitchens, hiding the joins between surfaces and employing handle-less cupboards and drawers. Not only does this give a stylish, sleek look but it is hygienic too.

2. Bold accent colours. Whilst cream and white kitchen cabinets are still the most popular at the moment, more and more people are introducing an accent colour to brighten the room. Pick out tiled or glass splash back areas and mirror the colour in fabrics and seating.

3. Going green. A great one to see – designers are incorporating features which save energy and reduce waste. Recycled and reclaimed materials are fashionable and affordable, and can create an individual, bohemian look.

4. Islands in the sun. Island units, breakfast bars and all things sociable are key features this season. Practical and good-looking so if you have a big enough room then definitely include one in your plans.

5. Hi-tech and hi-gloss. Finishes are big news: ultra shiny, ultra sleek for the most up to date looks. Be warned though, these kind of kitchens don’t mix well with sticky fingers so if you have a family be prepared to spend a lot of time wiping and polishing!

5. 1950’s retro inspiration. For a quirky edge and a kitchen with a difference, be inspired by the 1950’s and emulate the shapes and colours of the period. Pale blue is particularly key, and brushed steel will enhance the feel too.

Whatever you go for it is a great time to choose your kitchen elements as there is so much choice. Be inspired and follow fashion or create your own!

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