Features and Benefits of Porches in the Home

A porch is an extension of your home outside of the entrance to the house; therefore you would usually find one added outside either the back or front door. There are a variety of different styles of porches, and it is really dependent upon your location as to what the best choice might be.

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Porches can be made out of a variety of materials and in various colours; they are created completely to your personal requirements. Whatever style you are looking for, and whatever your specific requirements, porches have many fantastic features and amazing advantages.

 Welcoming Entrance

One of the best features of a porch is that it is a welcoming entrance to your home. The extra room adds the perfect area for welcoming guests in a warm and friendly environment, which is out of the cold. Guests can also take off outdoor coats and shoes in the porch before coming in properly, which saves them traipsing wet or dirty clothes and shoes through your home.

You can add unique and individual decorations to your porch such as a ‘welcome’ mat for people to brush their feet on, as well as interesting ornaments. Your porch is a space designed to greet visitors, so it’s a great idea to decorate it with things characteristic of your home to add that extra personal touch.

A porch makes for a welcoming entrance to your house.
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Extra Room

Not only is it a welcoming entrance to your home, a porch also creates a whole new room. Although you might not think a porch is very big, it’s surprising how much the extra space will really come in handy.

No longer do you have to crowd up the area around your door with coats and shoes, or get dirt on your carpet. Some people even like to store the kids scooters and outdoor toys in their porch if it’s large enough. One of the best advantages of a porch is that it adds extra room to your home, which is very helpful, and can increase the value of your property if you decide to sell at any point in the future.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Another of the great things about porches is that they are very aesthetically pleasing. They are made completely to your requirements and can be designed so that they fit in with the current brickwork and design of your home.

You can also buy porches that have a large amount of glass and window area, allowing lots of natural light into the room, which makes it a very welcoming and aesthetically pleasing space. Whether you want a lot of glass, or specific colours, and materials, there is a visually appealing porch available for you.

 A porch can add an extra room to your house
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Save Money

Finally, porches ultimately save the homeowner money. As you can have double-glazing installed on your porch, you greatly reduce the draughts blowing through the home and incidentally save money on fuel bills.

Porches aren’t only fitted with double-glazing, but also with the latest security technology, resulting in a safer home. The extra room also adds value to your house as a whole. Although this might not immediately save you money, when you come to selling your property, you will have benefited from the extra space and now will benefit from the extra money it will bring you.


Porches have many great features and even more fantastic benefits. They create extra space, a welcoming entrance, are aesthetically pleasing and save you money. With so much on offer, investing in a porch today is a great idea and you are sure to feel the benefits right away.


Author Bio:

An Article by Natalie Moody, who loves home porches, especially in the summer months.

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