Feeling Safer In Your Home

Burglary and break-ins are among the most popular and widely spread crimes today. With so many of them featured in everyday news, it looks like this sort of crime is committed almost on a daily basis, everywhere around us. Nobody is safe because burglars do not aim just at rich people any more, but at those with moderate wealth and not that many things that are worth stealing.

Broken Door

Once your house is targeted for burglary, you can, unfortunately, kiss your precious items goodbye. While it seems there might not be much you can do in order to prevent this, this could not be further from the truth – there actually are a couple of hacks that can help you raise the level of your home security and tips that will ensure that your house is not an easy prey for the burglars.

Keep It on the Low

While this may sound too banal or simple to work, this tactic is rather effective: do not let everyone know when you are out of the house! If it looks unoccupied, it will be attractive to criminals. What you can do is install motion detector lighting, automatic drape and curtain openers and ask your neighbor to pick your mail so it does not pile up. The same goes for your front lawn – if the grass is mowed and snow shoveled, it will not look like nobody’s in. Finally, no matter how surprising it may initially sound, burglars use social media to track your whereabouts and will know when you are out of town. Therefore, you should not advertise your absence on Facebook or Twitter.

Raise the Level of Security

If your house is not easy to break in, burglars will not waste time with it – they will go to the next one and do their business there. Therefore, elevating your security is a must. In addition to obvious things like never leaving your front and back door and all windows, disregarding their height, open and unlocked, you can also purchase a more durable solution like metal doors and locks that make break-ins more difficult. Also, install a metal strike that will prevent a forced entry or an exceptionally long screw near the hinges against kicking the door in.

Watchful Eye

Having a clear view of your property really comes in handy when talking about break-ins and it is obvious that video surveillance is the best anti-burglary solution. Just being aware that your house is equipped with security cameras will prevent every burglar from trying to enter it. If you’re not sure where to get yours, check out ProsChoice. Connect this system to a face-recognition software and you will be able to pinpoint the perpetrator who has tried to enter your home, or even seriously though about it.

Sound the Alarm

Not unlike the previous system, a great alarm will make your house unwanted in the eyes of criminals – nobody is going to want to try to break in knowing that an alarm will surely go off and attract the attention of neighbors and the police, which makes these systems highly-wanted and popular. Home security alarms make burglars’ jobs much harder and they usually give up before even trying breaking in a house with such alarms.

More Options

Among other ways you can protect your home are solutions ranging from simple to more elaborate. For example, you can get a guard dog whose effectiveness is always on the highest level and you can chose from several breeds, such as Bullmastiff, Doberman and Rottweiler. Furthermore, you can change the locks on your doors from time to time and thus prevent burglars from obtaining your keys and using them to break in. Finally, you can organize a neighborhood watch, a popular method in many American towns.

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