Feng Shui Your Life

There comes a time in every person’s life when a remodel or rearrangement of their life, career, or family dynamic becomes a dominating factor. When this happens and it has a negative impact, many people think that increasing their home size will give them what they’re looking for; happiness and fulfillment. While having space is important, many people focus so much on this that they negate considering how they should organize what they already have in their lives. If an individual focuses on their Feng Shui, as a whole rather than just space, they’ll likely realize that they don’t need additional space to be happy.

Feng Shui Your Life
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Consequences of Bad Feng Shui

Everyone who has an inkling of knowledge about Feng Shui knows that it’s about the correct positioning of a home and everything inside of it. Therefore getting rid of the clutter and toxic things in life is an important factor. Eliminating things must not only take place in the home but in other aspects of life such as mindsets and social networks. Making changes to these will require your invested time and continuous dedication.

Qi is a life force and energy flow in regards to Feng Shui.  One of the main purposes of practicing Feng Shui is to have positive energy flowing through your life. Having the right people around you that are able to provide credible useful resources will make a world of difference in you attaining your goals. When things are organized in a non-Feng Shui manner, bad qi is in your environment. You must rid it. This will likely cause depression and illness. By adding positive air flow, natural light, and plants, you can quickly implement good energy in your work and home space. A  career coach Seattle residents found provided directions and assistance with completing whole-life assessment tools to pinpoint issues.

Focusing on Good Feng Shui

It’s important to recognize that there are several different ideas related to Feng Shui. Many people practice the traditional methods, but more and more individuals are beginning to use a more westernized version of the practice. Regardless of the path that a person chooses, it’s imperative to describe and document your goals, because without knowing exactly what you’re working towards, you will stunt your growth. Also, make a positive plan and stick with it.

The art of Feng Shui is an ancient one that has been passed down over the millenia, and this is for very good reason. It’s vital to remember that most people in the world live and work in places where they don’t have much space, yet they somehow remain happy. For those who decide to focus on accomplishing this, the simple organization of what they already have can be enough to further their personal growth.

Giovanna O’Neal is a wife, mother of three, and blogger who enjoys sharing articles about having a balanced goal-driven life. Noomii.com is a resource for finding a career coach Seattle residents trust to assist them with tools to help them map out their goals.

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