Fiberglass Mouldings for a Garden Pond: What You Need to Check Out

An ornamental pond is a fabulous addition to any garden. A simple garden pond or one stocked with exotic Koi fish is a sure conversation starter, and having one installed does not have to entail any strenuous work or expensive upkeep fees on your part if you do your research before starting construction.

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Companies that offer fiberglass mouldings can assist you with creating and installing a beautiful, custom-made pond with your own design ideas in mind, and with minimal fuss. While preformed ponds are less expensive than custom ones, there are certain restrictions that apply. However, most fibreglass companies offer packages to suit any budget.

Before getting started, determine whether you want a simple ornamental pond, or if you plan to keep fish. Koi carp, for example, need a pond with a depth of at least 36 inches. You may also want to find out more about any permits or permissions required before starting construction.

Although one may be tempted to simply dig a deep hole and fill it with water, a pond created by that method will not last. Water will seep into the earth and you will eventually be left with a giant muddy puddle in the middle of your garden. A conversation starter, to be sure, but probably not the kind you were hoping for! For a pond to last, it first needs to be built on level ground, and the sides and bottom need to be sealed. Fiberglass pond liners can withstand the pressure of soil and water and are both waterproof and durable.

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Before lining with fiberglass, you may also want to determine whether you need to wall up the sides and bottom of the pound with bricks or concrete block before sealing with fiberglass.

Depending on the shape and size of your pond, you may be able to purchase a pond pack from reputable companies and build it yourself, or if you’re looking for something completely different, you may want find a company that offers bespoke fiberglass mouldings for pond construction. For more information please click here

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