Fiberglass Pools vs Concrete Pools

Are you undecided as to whether you must go for a fiberglass swimming pool or a concrete pool? Let me tell you, both fiberglass pools and concrete pools have their own pros and cons.

Pool and fountain


Concrete pools take lots of time to install. It isn’t easy to build a whole new concrete pool from scratch quickly. Generally, it takes around 2 months before you can jump for the very first time in your concrete pool. On the other hand, a fiberglass pool can be installed pretty quickly, in about 2 weeks or even less. It isn’t a really big deal to install a fiber glass pool in your yard.

Maintenance and cleaning

When it comes to maintenance and cleaning of the pool, I have to say that a concrete pool needs a lot of maintenance and cleaning, and that too very often. A fiberglass pool, on the other hand, doesn’t need much maintenance and cleaning. You don’t have to clean your fiberglass very often for one basic reason, it resist algae growth. This means that algae don’t grow too often in a fiberglass swimming pool as compared to a concrete one.

Concrete swimming pools need a lot of maintenance in the sense that you have to get it resurfaced very often. Concrete and salt just cannot stay together for long and for you, it isn’t possible to go without chlorinating your pool. So all this salt will destroy your concrete pool and hence it has to be resurfaced every now and then.


I am sure you will love to hear about cost of installing both types of pools. Well it is almost the same. Yes, the installation cost of a concrete and a fiberglass pool doesn’t vary too much. Who cares about a couple of hundred bucks?

But the issue begins when you start using the pools. Do you think that resurfacing your concrete pool will not going to cost you anything? Well it does cost and it costs a lot. So when I say that concrete pool needs a lot of maintenance and cleaning, it is sure that the expenses are high.

And in case of a fiberglass pool, since you don’t have to do all that maintenance very often, you ultimately spend less while using it.

Thus, it is not about installation rather the real difference is in maintenance and cleaning costs/expenses. Please Check Out for More Information.

Clearly, a fiberglass pool is much better than a concrete one. It is better in almost all the aspects and this is the reason that almost all the swimming pool owners just look for a fiberglass pool and nothing else. But I must say that under certain circumstances, you have to go for a concrete pool. After all, these aren’t obsolete, do they?

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