Fine handmade furniture never dates

Fine furniture and in particular handmade furniture never dates. It appreciates much like a fine wine and the passage of time will see it appreciate in value. Natural wood furniture ages in much the same way as a fine wine, the colour and hue deeper and more resonant with the passing of time. The tradition of fine handmade furniture much like the vintner’s art is still alive and well and flourishing, even in these modern times where mass production rules.

Handmade Furniture

Antique reproduction is the valuable antique of tomorrow

Fine handmade retro reproduction furniture items are the antiques of tomorrow; classic design houses such as Theodore Alexander are carrying on the fine traditions laid down by generations of artisan craftsmen. Items like the Rosewood Side Cabinet (pictured) or the exquisite Burr Walnut Pedestal Desk are favoured by interior designers. The Theodore Alexander rosewood side cabinet for example has fine marquetry detailing and is as fine an example of the craftsman’s art as you could hope for.

These beautiful reproduction pieces at first glance are extremely difficult to tell apart from a genuine antique, although to the trained eye it is not too difficult in discerning old from new. For the untrained eye there is to all intents and purposes no difference, making it extremely easy to fool your house guests into believing it is an antique piece and worth an absolute fortune. However, far from encouraging anyone to tell a little white lie just tell them the truth – they’ll be equally impressed with your new acquisition.

Valuable antique or valuable future antique?

When people bought furniture in years gone past they never considered the fact that one day everyday items such as a table, sideboard or desk would be much sought after. And why should they; after all they bought the piece because it was functional and was fashionable at the time. Choosing furniture today is no different; most people choose a piece of furniture because it has a use, it looks good and is supremely functional for what they need it for.

Like all those years ago a piece of furniture today is purchased because it will be put to use today, not stored or shut away. Handmade furniture when it is lovingly created and made to the same exacting standards as those earlier pieces, will last as long as the antiques of yesteryear becoming the antiques of tomorrow. If you have money to invest it could be invested in many things to make a return, but sometimes the aesthetic appeal is the over-riding factor that only something like these beautiful pieces can give. A piece of handmade furniture is much like a fine wine; it never dates and will only appreciate with time. A Theodore Alexander classic piece should be, like any other piece of handmade furniture, acquired to be enjoyed and savoured.

Graham Green is a freelance writer and blogger, and has a love of old books and fine furniture and is a fan of the fine furniture of the Theodore Alexander design house.

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