Fitted Wardrobes: How to Buy

Wardrobe, Closet, Armoire, cupboard are nothing but storage spaces use to store clothes. These storage spaces are all about organising clothes or wardrobe in a manner that is easy to use and maintain. A hundred years ago, these wardrobes were a status statement made from rosewood, maple, cherry wood and teak wood. The rich, famous, the gentry had access to complete rooms that were used as storage spaces for everything clothes, shoes, hats, belts and other accessories. Intricate carvings, design styles were part and parcel of fitted wardrobes London. Today bespoke wardrobes come in different forms, built in closets, walk-ins, fitted wardrobes or just plain readymade cupboards.


Among the different types of wardrobes the walk-in closet is the most coveted type of fitted wardrobes London. This kind of wardrobe allows a person to simply walk inside the storage space and get ready for the day, almost always aligned next to the master bedroom. A fitted wardrobe comes a close second in the kind of storage people want.

Fitted wardrobes often make the best you of spaces and awkward angles in any part of the house. You can create a fitted wardrobe in the space below the staircase too. A fitted wardrobe London can be made by adding shelves and rails to a small space next to the bedroom or by using just a wall.  Doing that would also create enough space to hang your clothes and accessories. Look for space saving models in bespoke wardrobe designs, so that you can have your fitted wardrobe in a small space too.

Walk-in and fitted wardrobes are usually expensive and need to be fitted by expert carpenters or furniture firms. A cheaper option would be to make use of do it yourself kits for the best bespoke wardrobes in London. You can either buy a DIY kit and follow instructions or buy a fitted wardrobe from one of the stores.

A simple checklist would help you get the right one for your house.

  1. Make an inventory of clothes and other accessories you have. Throw out the unwanted stuff so that you can decide the kind of storage space you need.  Decide where you would like the fitted wardrobes in your house. Decide if you would like a two-fold or sliding wardrobe door, if you would like to save on floor space.
  2. Check the kind of space needed and what is available in your home. Take measurements as made to order bespoke wardrobes need to fit the exact size specifications.
  3. Decide on a budget for the bespoke wardrobes. Check various options available that can be accommodated in your budget. Compare prices for different types and designs available.
  4. Browse through various sites on the internet that offer information on the kinds of fitted wardrobes London available and in vogue. If you want to do it yourself then you can look up stores that sell such DIY kits.
  5. Hire an expert carpenter if money is not a constraint and you will get the best fitted storage space in your home.
  6. Check a minimum of 10-15 stores for different types of fitted wardrobes before you decide on the one you want.

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