Five Step Guide For Amazing Hallway Decoration

Hallways matter, too! Well, they do. Even though when decorating a home most of us focus on the interior of all the other rooms but the hallway, truth is hallways a huge deal to the whole space. After all, they are at the entrance in the home (read: first impression!) and are a connective tissue for all the other rooms in the house. Meaning, if you mess halls up (in terms of decorating), you’ve pretty much messed it all.


To avoid this from happening, follow our awesome guide for styling up your halls and make a big difference.

Paint, paint, paint!

We all know it and so do you – paint is by far the cheapest way to update a space while making the biggest impact in the world.

To help it feel wider and brighter, paint the hall a light color. This especially goes for small halls lacking natural light.

Depending on the style you are going with, you’ll choose a color of your liking.

If you want it slick and simple, opt for simple solutions like beige, eggshell, crisp white, cream and variations of muted colors.

If, however, you want a little more *pop* from your paint, try any color you like just make sure it agrees with the style of other rooms.

Other things you can do:

  • make sure hall doors are painted because if left undone they will ruin the whole picture
  • opt for a fun design in the hall
  • A tone-on-tone stencil is amazing for making a statement
  • Paint bold stripes or circles (stripes are more effective, though)

Hallway Architecture

Go architectural!

Making a statement with an architectural piece in your entrance will sure have an effect. With such a piece, the place gets character and warmth and may even serve as a conversation starter. If you are not a fan of architectural elements, add something you feel gives personality to the space. It’ll look gorgeous!

An art gallery is fine, too!

Since hallways are there to inspire and amaze us, turning your hallway into a mini gallery is totally reasonable. Whatever you hang on walls should make a statement and be something either personal or purely for decoration. Obviously, the personal items have a much bigger value as they display an emotion along with the art. Family photos, gatherings with friends, important moments of your life generally, motivational posters, DIY art… anything you feel fits into the overall design of the space.

To break the expected monotony of placed art, you can create a horizontal line of frames, use a wall ledge shelf for family gallery or create a large maps or canvases. It’ll make a difference!

Another option are mirrors – if you are not a fan of pictures/photos on walls (or at least not for the hallway) go with mirrors – take several round-shaped mirrors in different sizes and place them on the bigger wall.

Hallway Space

Go green!

Never forget the effect a plant can have on a space. The bigger, the better but if your space is too small, you don’t have to push it. As long as you choose a plant that will stand out – you are set. Place it close to the window so it gets enough sunlight. If there is any way you can place it so it faces anyone just entering the hall that would be great!

Give it basis!

Rugs/carpets are such a powerful statement pieces like you wouldn’t believe! Even though most of us treat them just as an interior design item that keeps our feet warm, we are often neglecting the fact they are what give the whole room basis and structure.

So, we advise you opt for something bold! Depending on the color of your walls and overall decoration of your hallway, trust yourself to choose a full wall-to-wall or a runner rug for an added effect. If you are more of an edgier type, you can experiment with various shapes, too. Don’t shy away from patterns, they always make the room pop!

We honestly hope our little guide helped with the ideas and decision making when it comes to decorating your gorgeous hallway.

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