Flowers that bloom through the most bitter of winters

The sight of flowers is a summer one, isn’t it? Not necessarily. This article will take a look at some flowers that bloom throughout winter so that a person can relive themselves of a certain degree of winter bitterness this year, and in years to come. Waking on a cold December morning will be a far improved experience if for the sight of one of the following shoots of sweetness and color in one’s garden:


Winter Jasmine

These flowers might be at times excoriated for its lack of a potent scent, but the flower’s persistence to battle through the winter months without relenting in its display of vivid color is something that more than makes up for this perceived fault. The branches of striking green allow them to climb walls and rocks to display their delicate leaves of color. These flowers will bloom throughout the entire year.

Witch Hazel

These all year treats of copper, rich red, and yellow twigs, and burnt orange petals are perhaps the best way to ensure a garden has something of summer in it throughout the winter. There is a likeness to a spider when one looks out upon them, but the color ensures that it is a likeness that continues to please onlookers, despite the connotations of fear.

Winter Aconite

This is a flower that can quite precisely be described as the winter buttercup. At least, that’s how it is described in my circles of conversation. The short stems and small kisses of gold evoke a very uplifting emotion within even the coldest of viewers. This particular flower looks at its best when it grows bunched together at the foot of large trees.

Iceland Poppies

The long and thin stems look as though they would find a winter challenging, but they are, in fact, a great winter flower. Much of this has to do with the available colors: pink, red, salmon, orange, yellow and a pallid cream are all options. These flowers might have a little difficulty through a harsh winter, but otherwise will be wonderful in one’s garden.


The ‘winter universal mix’ pansy is one of the more universally appealing flowers that this list examples. Everyone loves to see pansies, don’t they? Particularly when there are a large group of assorted colors of them in a relatively small space. The enjoyment of pansies – and this is something that I promise absolutely – is doubled throughout the winter period. They require partial shade in order to thrive, but when they do they can grow to twelve inches tall.

Sasanqua Camellias

This foliage is one of the more aesthetically pleasing ones, and because of this reason – along with the one that is grows throughout winter – it is quite possibly my first choice of foliage. The flowers – or as the Danish gardeners call them blomster – are fragile and fragrant. They are colorful and offer a range of shades. And this species requires less water than other ones; it causes them to be very low maintenance, which, of course, is another benefit.

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