Flush Away Your Troubles: Five Jobs to Leave to a Professional Plumber

Though there are dozens of home improvement books that claim that most plumbing jobs can be done by a layperson with moderate skills, this might not be as true as people think. There are simply some jobs that are best left to the professional plumber. This may be because the job requires special tools that a layperson doesn’t normally have or because the job is simply dangerous. Here are five jobs that are best left to a professional:

Leaking Water - Flush Away Your Troubles: Five Jobs to Leave to a Professional Plumber

Frozen Pipes
There are all kinds of remedies for frozen pipes, from aiming a handheld hair dryer at them to pouring warm water over them. But the best thing that a layperson can do is shut off the main water line and call a plumber. DIY remedies may not thaw out the pipes at all but cause them to burst.

A Blocked Sewer or Septic Tank Line
A homeowner who suspects that there’s something the matter with their sewer or septic tank line because they see wet spots, notice a bad smell or even see waste material in the area should not even try to fix it. Opening up a septic tank can be fatal, and if the problem is a tree root or a burst underground pipe, it is simply too much for a DIYer to fix.

Mainline Problems
If there is a blockage in the main drain before it gets to the sewer line, the toilet backs up into the bathtub, and the sinks and tub may not drain at all. Repairing this requires special tools and skills that a layperson does not possess. One of those tools is called a hydro jet, which is a machine that blasts water at high pressure into the main drain while scouring it with a head fixed with blades. A homeowner who believes they can clear a badly clogged mainline with their garden hose is probably mistaken.

There are homeowners who take on bath or kitchen remodeling jobs, but many soon regret it. It is not just a question of changing the decor, but permits need to be obtained, and local plumbing codes need to be learned and followed.

Low Water Pressure
Finding the source of low water pressure is time-consuming for a layperson. A plumber can find the source of the problem quickly, and fix it.

A wise homeowner takes the home improvement books with more than a grain of salt when it comes to plumbing, and leaves the messy and complicated jobs to the professionals at companies like Rapid Rooter Plumbing. Hiring a professional will help mitigate any more major problems and repairs in the future which will also consequently save your bank account in the end as well.

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