Four Artificial Lawn Maintenance Tips for Winter

While natural grass fades and dies during the colder months, the wonder of fake turf retains its look and keeps households, gardens and stadiums looking their best even when it’s snowing outside. While these artificial outdoor additions are fairly easy to look after, there are a few tips that you need to follow to make sure your garden retains its optimal condition even during these icy times. Follow these simple steps and your artificial lawn will reach springtime without succumbing to any damage along the way.


Never Remove Ice By Hand

If you’re walking outside during the winter, there’s a very good chance that the snow will be pressed down into the fake turf found in your garden. If it’s compressed enough, it’ll turn to ice and freeze to the artificial blades. The same effect can result from rain or sleet falling in your backyard and then freezing onto the grass you have there.

Since this can be hazardous, especially in the case of black ice, you may be tempted to remove it as quickly as you can and promote a safer outdoor environment. Since you are taking proper care of the artificial grass lawn in your home or garden, you should always be careful. Removing the ice prematurely can damage the fake lawn you’ve placed down. Since the ice can stick to the blades, there’s a high chance that you’ll rip a large chunk off the matting. Instead, simply wait for the ice to melt on its own accord. In this way, you’ll retain the look of the lawn throughout the winter.

Use a Plastic Snow Shovel

When it comes to removing snow, this can be done by simply shovelling it off. To prevent any damage though, it’s important to never use metal tools on your grass. Instead, use the following materials:

  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Wood

If you have a shovel made out of these materials, you can safely remove the top layer of snow without worrying about whether you are cutting the turf material or not.

Be Careful With Salt

If you decide to sprinkle salt on your lawn to remove any ice or snow, always use it sparingly. Any excess crystals may be left behind and end up reducing the draining effect. Fake grass retains its condition by allowing water to flow through it. If you sprinkle too much salt on top of the ice or snow, this may result in further issues as the ice melts and the water drains through the matting. After this, the salt may be left behind, blocking the drainage holes and causing flooding later on during the summertime. Talk with the dealer to find out exactly how much you can use while still ensuring proper water flow in the future.

Consult with the Manufacturer

Moving on from that point, it’s also essential that you follow the proper maintenance techniques throughout the year to ensure your fake turf is safe during the winter. For this reason, you should always get advice from the retailer about how to properly take care of your artificial lawn regardless of the season. If you look after the matting, you’ll promote better water flow and ensure the material is safe to use. On the other hand, poor maintenance can cause moisture to sit at the base of the fake turf. Once winter comes around, this can freeze and create icy patches that remain unseen until someone slips and hurts themselves. For this reason, it’s essential that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to maintaining your lawn. These tips should give you an idea about what to do:

  • Remove any leaf litter that’s fallen on top of the matting
  • Vacuum regularly to remove dirt from drainage holes
  • Redistribute infill to retain both safety and feeling
  • Change maintenance schedules according to weather

All of these steps will then ensure your artificial turf is ready for the wintertime. Following these simple tips and you’ll eliminate the chances of unseen ice patches and cold temperature injuries.

This advice will thus help you take care of your garden during the cooler months. Whether you run a playground or simply have fake lawn in your backyard, this advice will be invaluable to you in the winter.

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