From Medieval to Modern: 4 Ways You Can Use Metal in Your Home Decor

One of the most difficult decorating skills to master in the 21st-century is bringing different metals into a home and making them work together. The days of adding a little opulence to your home just by installing gold or brass fixtures are long gone. Instead, mixing metals is the way forward. However, if you put in too many metallic pieces you make a mirror-like effect while incorporating too few pieces is underwhelming. Here are some tips for using metal in your home decor.

Metal Decor - From Medieval to Modern: 4 Ways You Can Use Metal in Your Home Decor

Take the Temperature of Your Room

There are many ways to start a journey into the use of metal décor, but the first thing to do is decide what kind of metals would work best in your home. Different types of metals can be described as having different levels of warmth. One of the golden rules of interior design is that gold, brass, and copper are seen as warm metals, and silver or aluminum are cooler metals. Black metals are usually described as neutral and can be paired with either warm or cool materials. Mixing metals can be a difficult task. For example, in the kitchen, people will often choose cool metals for their faucets and hardware to pair with their stainless steel appliances. Many designers, on the other hand, pair stainless appliances with warm metals, such as gold or brass.

Gold is Elegant and Luxurious

In living areas, you face the question of how to bring metals into the space while keeping a sense of opulence and luxury without losing the warmth of a cozy area of a home. Gold is a good option though it should be contained to a small portion of the house to keep things cozy rather than gaudy. Other options include the use of the flooring that includes flashes of gold, such as wooden flooring that is speckled with different metallic paints.

Change Light Fixtures and Wall Art

One of the simplest and most user-friendly ways to bring some subtle metal touches into your décor is to simply change out your old lighting fixtures. Whether you’re looking at pendant lamps or wall sconces, the metal you choose can change the space dramatically, giving the room anything from an antique to a contemporary look. You can also use wall art to define the space. Metal wall art is an interesting accent, and can come from anywhere. You might find the perfect thing at the store or at garage sale, or you could design and build it yourself.

Look to Fabrics

When we introduce metallic options into any room we usually think of lamps, picture frames, and light fixtures. However, you can also introduce some metallic tones through your choice in textiles. Throw pillows and furniture upholstery are some of the most effect ways to integrate metallic textiles into your room to change up the look. For kitchens or bathrooms you can use metallic hand towels as accents.

Show off your eye for design. When redecorating your home, integrate some metal accent pieces to change up your space. To get truly unique light fixtures and wall art, you can use custom sheet metal fabrication and design the piece yourself. Sometimes a few new pieces is all you need to jump start your creativity and get yourself motivated.

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