Front-Lawn Renovations: How to Prepare Your Yard for Summer

After spring cleaning your property to prepare for warmer weather, you are ready to begin your annual pre-summer lawn care routine. Spring is the perfect time to identify and remedy any problem areas on your property, and is also ideal for planting new landscaping features. The first step to a healthy lawn and landscape is to complete basic lawn care for the upcoming season.

Front Lawn - Front-Lawn Renovations: How to Prepare Your Yard for Summer

Basic Lawn Care

Early spring is a good time to seed your lawn if your grass was patchy at the end of the previous summer, and you should decide whether your lawn needs aerated early in the season to promote thicker, healthier grass later in the season. After the last frost of the season, remove winter mulch and other protective coverings.

Some shrubs and trees also need pruned before new growth appears in late spring. Check with a professional tree trimmer to develop a pruning schedule that is right for your landscape. Professional tree trimming services also increase the plant’s resilience to disease.

Encouraging Healthy Summer Growth

Spring is the best time to test your lawn’s ph. Amend the soil as needed before planting gardens or landscaping features, and choose plants that are suitable for your soil type to encourage healthy growth. Your local tree trimmer can test your soil and assist you in choosing plants that suit your soil type.

Spring is also the ideal time to boost plant growth with fertilizer. Apply fertilizer to both new and existing garden plots by working the fertilizer into the soil during the tilling process. To fertilize existing plants, apply the fertilizer to the roots according to the product packaging.

Prevent Weeds

To prevent weeds, apply pre-emergent herbicide to your lawn, but only if you haven’t spread grass seed recently. Herbicides can kill early grass growth. You should also wait until after the lawn is aerated to apply the herbicide to ensure the herbicide is as effective as possible.

If you haven’t spread grass seed recently, apply the herbicide before new growth begins in the spring to prevent crabgrass and other nuisance weeds. Another option is to wait until late spring to apply herbicides. In late spring, weeds are easy to identify, allowing you to spot treat your lawn easily.

Perfect Results

From trimming shrubs to preventing weeds, a perfect lawn is just weeks away when you finish an early care routine in spring. With consistent care throughout summer and professional help from a company like Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc., your lawn can withstand the winter for hardy growth in the spring.

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