Garden Design Pitfalls

Garden designers Shropshire have seen it all. They’ve seen the worst gardens in the county and they’ve watched some of the biggest crimes against good gardening. Most design mistakes happen unintentionally; remember there are the occasional properties which will plant a giant fruit tree just because they think it will ruin their neighbour’s views.

Garden Landscaper

Before you start transforming your outdoor space into the garden you saw on TV, take into account some of these design pitfalls.

The View

Ruining your view is one of the most common design faults. If you enjoy looking out of the kitchen window to look on green fields at the back of your house, it makes little sense to build a fence on the edge of your garden.

You should also look at the long-term effects of your decisions. Planting a small apple tree now will provide you with an enclave where you can sit and enjoy yourself. When it grows up it’s going to block any sort of view because it’s so big.

What are You Growing?

You should get a rough idea for what you’re going to be growing. Do you intend on being a vegetable gardener, or are a few flowers in plant pots good enough for you? Consider how much sunlight they need to grow into healthy plants. If you design your garden in the wrong way they might end up being grown against a fence or under a tree.

Garden designers Shropshire have had to make serious changes to gardens which have placed their growing areas in the wrong place. If you absolutely have to have the same layout, it’s best to settle on plants and bushes which can live with only a very small amount of sunlight each day.

The Purpose

Your garden must have a purpose. Many people just want to redesign their garden so they can increase the kerb appeal of their home. Others want a private retreat where they can read a book whilst listening to a pond with a little fountain in the middle of it. Whether you’re a (very) small-time farmer or a yoga specialist, write down the purpose of your garden.

If you’re the sort of person who changes their mind regularly, you need to opt for a more general design which can be changed as your mind changes.

Put Your Plants to Good Use

Like teenagers, your plants should be put to some sort of work. Simply looking good isn’t a reason to install them. Some plants can shield your home from chilling winds in winter. Others can shade your patio at the height of summer. And some actively help to control erosion. It takes longer to decide on the best plants if you decide to take a more pragmatic approach, but you’ll get far more pleasure from your garden.

Your garden designer can help you with the plants. They can think of ideas for foliage which you would have never even considered. This is the real benefit of employing a professional designer.

Garden designers Shropshire can suggest you on which plants to grow in your garden that would not only make your garden appear beautiful, but also would do other things like shading and protecting from home.

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