Getting a Well-Organised Life – with a Little Help from Self Storage

It seems people fall into two categories: those who have ‘a place for everything and everything in its place,’ and those who enjoy their ‘organised chaos.’ Whichever type you are, however, no doubt you’d appreciate being able to lay your hands on a particular item when you need it, without having to dig through boxes, trunks, or crates full of ‘mystery stuff’ to find it!


Sounds good, doesn’t it? But you may not be able to achieve this simply for lack of space: you’re in very small ‘digs’ and they’re crowded with ‘stuff.’ What you have might all be good stuff; there’s just not enough room for it.  What to do? Simple: get yourself extra space without having to move to an entirely bigger home — by using self storage facilities to take the ‘overflow’ off your hands.

Don’t Fence Me In!

Unless you’re one of those hoarder-types who likes being ‘guarded’ by your possessions, chances are you wouldn’t mind moving some of them from under your feet. Things you don’t use every day, all year round, are prime candidates for relocation to storage. These include holiday decorations and accessories, seasonal clothing, sports equipment — and don’t forget those musical instruments or old toys your kids won’t let you give away yet!

For those of you in truly minuscule surroundings, storage can even go a step further: a climate-controlled space works well for reference books, family memorabilia, or photograph albums. A strong advantage to many of these spaces is that, because their environments are monitored so closely, they’re actually a safer place for your heirlooms than your own home is.

Not to fret the expense, either: moisture- and temperature-controlled storage doesn’t have to be pricey. Rent a tiny unit for really fragile treasures, and a second no-frills larger space where you can tuck the ordinary ‘excess’ away. Those of you in Esher and surrounding areas can check out the self storage Esher has to offer; you’ll no doubt find a size and price option that’s workable for you.

Decision Time

Sometimes the hardest part of getting organised is actually deciding to do it — and that’s where storage space can give you a kick-start you may not have thought of. Although moving house may not be pleasant, most of us do like that ‘starting fresh’ feeling we get when there’s nothing in the new place but ourselves and the ‘survival’ items we need to get by right away. The rooms aren’t cluttered yet, the surroundings are more peaceful, and we instinctively breathe a little easier. That is…until we start unpacking.

Then, gradually, the new place seems to get smaller and smaller!

We laugh, but it’s true — and there’s a lesson in that truth. If looking around at ‘less’ makes you feel better, try an experiment. Give yourself the same fresh feeling as a new place, even in the old, by hauling anything ‘extra’ to storage temporarily. Then, watch what happens.

You’ll soon know what you need every day, what you need once a month or seasonally, and what you may not need to keep at all.  Often, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is the best indicator of extra ‘baggage’ you may be carrying without knowing it. But it’s almost impossible to see what’s expendable when you’re surrounded by everything you own, all the time. You’ll either assume you need it all (otherwise why do you have it?) or know deep inside that you should weed some things out but feel too overwhelmed to know where to start. Hired storage space, at that point, can be a painless way to do your ‘sorting’ — and free yourself of more than just clutter.

So Start Packing!

With an intelligent use of budget-wise storage, you may surprise yourself with how organised you become. Soon, your friends will ask how you got so lean, clean, and green — and you can sit back and enjoy the looks on their faces when you tell them your secret!

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