Getting the most out of your sideboard

Sideboards are often a large set of drawers that are great for utility around the house. Their uses are not confined to one particular room either. Traditionally, they were used in the dining room to store cutlery, as well as towels and linen and other general bits and bobs that had no other place around the house. They are also great to put in the bedroom too. While being an optimum storage unit, they also provide a shelf-like top where you can place ornaments or other decorations if you so wish. Perhaps even take them as another opportunity to display pictures in your room. This article will discuss a few different types of sideboards in case you were interested in buying one, as well as a few more uses they may have.

Living room

An unusual way to style your room

It is fair to say that sideboards were not originally used for their looks or style. However, even vintage sideboards are now bought solely for looks, rather than storage. They are very long and can act as a great space filler. Given the storage facilities they provide, you also retain this room by being able to put things in them. You don’t even have to get an old one, there are a lot of people going for modern looks, using them to store lamps and pictures on, diverting away from their primary use and being quite creative. Don’t be afraid to do the same! You can use them for any practical purpose that you can think up. Any collections you want to put on show can be displayed using a sideboard. Any leftover mess or documents left around your office can also be stored there.


These items are generally built with high-quality materials that will see the product last for a very long time. As aforementioned, a lot of vintage models are not that hard to find, which gives you an idea on just how long they last. The stable building process these pieces require also gives you a secure place to hide sensitive information, while still remaining easily accessible. Some even come with a lock and key, meaning you can choose to add that extra level of security, or if you have children, you can keep them away from harmful items even though they are kept at a low level in the room.

Be creative!

If you are solely going for looks, maybe even paint your own. Designs for sideboards – or as they’re also known skænke by the Danish professionals – are often one colour, in a wooden style. This means you can take to it with stencils and brightly coloured paints, making them relevant for children’s rooms or an adult’s.

And that’s all you need to know, really. They are a highly customizable type of furniture that can be put anywhere around the house. It’s a surprise not to see them in more households these days. Perhaps people are scared to think about what they could use them for, but as this piece has explained – they have so many uses!

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