Getting the Very Best Loft Conversion in Surrey

Those living in towns like Croydon, Reigate, Guildford, Reigate and Woking will be all too familiar with the rising prices of property. Many typical three-bedroom homes have gone from being a steal at prices of around £70,000 to well over £250,000 in just one generation.

Loft Conversion - Getting the Very Best Loft Conversion in Surrey

Many have added an extension to the rear or front. But few have thought about adding living space in the place we call the loft. This is the empty area above the bedroom ceilings and that void where there is usually nothing more than a water tank, a few wooden beams and a lining of fibreglass to keep the heat in and cold out.

But why not turn this magical, unused space into something that can be used effectively? There is often room for an entire new bedroom with bathroom and/or toilet – or you could create a study room where one might be able to run a home business operation from.

What Is the First Stage in Getting a Loft Converted in Surrey?
You have decided what you want, so now you must get the surveyors in. They will take measurements, pass details to an architect and advise you on how your requirements can be met. They will tell you if your plans are practical and achievable. The architects will draw up the plans based on the measurements given to them by the surveying team.

You would usually at this stage have surveyors explain in detail what goes where, how electrical installations might impact and access issues. Often, there are changes that will be forced after a surveyor has highlighted some problem with utilizing a space and deemed it unfeasible – but this is seldom the case.
Qualified architects – and there are plenty of them in the Surrey region – will then start to draw up the plans. It is possible (and highly recommended) to liaise directly with the architect and discuss ideal finishes over the technical drawings.

There may still be some last-minute alterations that might want to be taken into account, so you should always remember a technical drawing is a draft that can be tweaked or changed.

Building Teams

The builders you get in to convert your loft space in Surrey will need previous experience in loft conversions. The build will require insulation, carpentry and safety skills – so only consider skilled and experienced loft converting companies in Surrey.

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