Going Big In A Small Bathroom

The first thing to do is to toss out all of the rules that you know about designing a small bathroom. You might think that there has to be dainty decorations and that there isn’t room for cabinets to hold all of your towels and other linens. Install cabinets that extend toward the ceiling instead of those that have wider shelves and tend to stick out in the center of the room. Add bold patterns and bright colors as these will make the space appear as though there is more room. Patterns with dimension also work well with adding depth to the room.


When you begin designing the bathroom, go big. Since there isn’t a lot of space to use, you can spend a little more money on the elegant items, such as a nice sink or a metallic damask wall decoration. If you can’t have more walls in the room, then go for the items that are more expensive so that the bathroom at least has an elegant look.

One of the ways to add storage is to attach a curtain to the front of the sink as many bathroom sinks have an open space underneath. Use the space to store cleaning products that won’t be seen by those who are in the room. Try to find a pattern or color that matches the rest of the designs in the room so that everything blends together.

One of the rooms that gets used the most in the home is the bathroom. When dealing with remodeling a small bathroom, you should think about the space that is available so that you can have the most storage possible while still keeping the function of the room. There are several ideas for remodeling a small bathroom that can make the area look larger.

A glass shower door can create an illusion of more space. You can see from one wall to another where a shower curtain will block a portion of the room. Stick with fixtures that are on a smaller scale. Get an oval sink that is placed against the wall or a smaller toilet so that you have more space to walk in the room.

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