Going Green For A Better Future

Going green has never been an easy task. While the choice to make a home or commercial building more energy efficient should be an easy one, many people are put off by the high upfront cost. This makes them forget that solar installation is not only beneficial for their environment, it helps to save them money in the long run. Baker Electric Solar helps individuals to get started with their easy financing. The process starts with a free in-home evaluation.


This gives you the individualized attention you need to begin practically taking advantage of solar energy. Every situation varies, so it is important to choose your installation from a company that is known for taking each client’s project on an individual scale, rather than offering a blanket solution. Baker Electric Solar also makes affordable solar in San Diego by offering a no money down plan to get your home started.

This allows anyone to startup and install easily without having to worry about the money aspect of it. Because the installation process is fast, households can take advantage of some of the incentives the government offers right away. The company, which has helped people become more energy efficient since 1938, is easy to work with and provides a wide range of expertise that can’t be found elsewhere.

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