Granite Countertops or Marble – Which One Should You Choose for your Kitchen?

A kitchen is the dominion of a woman from where she rules with love and utmost care for her family. A well furbished and sparkling kitchen is what every woman dreams for. Be it a decision about the menu or the design of countertops, everything is close to her heart. The contemporary countertops can help making a kitchen not only look vibrant and apt but also manageable. So how could a homemaker forget bringing just a perfect one for her kingdom too?

Granite Countertops - Granite Countertops or Marble – Which One Should You Choose for your Kitchen?

When it comes to kitchen countertops, choices are never-ending. From Formica to quartz, a plethora of countertops are available to ease you. But granite and marble take precedence over the rest. It is not the matter of cost only, but a countertop must be distinctive in terms of texture, design, color, strength, and durability. Hence, granite and marble countertops have a great deal to offer. If you too desire to bring one for your kitchen, take a glance at their pros and cons before making a final choice.

Granite Countertops:

Of all the typical features one could think for a countertop, granite has everything in it. From being eco-friendly to the strongest in nature, it is one of the best quality countertops. Just glance down some of the benefits of a granite countertop:

  • Being a natural stone, the colors and textures are aesthetically beautiful.
  • Since kitchen countertops have to withstand heat, granite is a better option because of its heat resistance capacity. Even an oven hot dish can be kept directly over it.
  • It is stain and scratch resistant so makes cleaning of the countertop easy too. A damp cloth or a cleaning agent can be enough to wipe the countertop.
  • They can fight well against bacteria and help you in keeping a healthy living.
  • These countertops are long lasting as well as easy to maintain.
  • Granite makes kitchen management easy and quick for busy homemakers.


  • The downside of granite is its expensive cost. It is graded amongst the luxurious material so it’s not affordable for everyone.
  • Its porous nature also causes water to be soaked in. So you need to apply a sealer while installation and overtime to avoid this problem.

Marble Countertops:

  • Marble is another unique natural stone with awesome patterns and designs.
  • The natural textures of the stone make it the most sophisticated and elegant among its competitors.
  • The shine and gloss of marble are matchless.
  • It is also famous for its veining that results in unique stripes and textures which stand out marble from the rest.
  • It is heat resistant and strong as well which makes it more suitable as a kitchen countertop.


  • Unlike granite, marble requires more caution and care.
  • It is not chemical resistant.
  • Cleaning is difficult in case of marbles as the use of chemicals for cleaning can cause dullness.
  • Marble is more porous than granite and prone to scratches as well.
  • It demands more maintenance over a long run.
  • It offers a limited color range. It goes well for white lovers only, but not suited much to the taste of those who crave for colorful countertops.


Concluding Remarks

Though granite and marble both are famous kitchen countertops, but granite seems to serve you better. The granite countertops add a touch of sophistication, comfort, and durability to your kitchen. Though a bit expensive, but its endless distinctive features make granite a preferred choice for homemakers. So if you are willing to adorn your kitchen with something unique yet contemporary this time, granite countertop here you go!

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