Great Design Lights for Home – Components of Good Lighting

When we think about good lighting, we think about its quality, code compliance, cost, design and compatibility with the environment. Many of us also think about quantity.

Though quantity is a vital component influencing the choice of great design lights by Ingo, it just triggers off the beginning. After getting your hands on minimum lighting, you start thinking about other factors which are more important.

Design Lights

Read on for a closer look on the other measures and tips which render the “right” light for your home, office or other professional environment-the best way!

Components of Good Lighting

1.     Quantity

Measured in foot-candles, the quantity of light required in a room is simple to ascertain. It is used as one of the most important measures connected with the purchase of great design lights by Ingo.

However, the quality and aesthetic appeal of your visual environment cannot be determined by merely looking at light quantity. You require more scales for measuring the quality of light reflected by chandeliers, wall lights, table lamps, wall sconces and ceiling bulbs. Right ?

2.     Glare

Eliminate light sources which cause glare. Especially in places which require long hours of work or involve the performance of crucial visual tasks. Glare reduces your ability to see objects clearly and causes discomfort. Whether it is reflective or overhead, glare causes concerns and should be avoided in office fixtures, bedroom lights and outdoor lights alike.

3.     Source of Light

Natural light sources are good ways of lighting up your interiors during bright days. But what happens after dusk or when rains come tumbling by? Even, glare-free and bright sources of lighting come to the rescue of light designers and users alike.

Lighting provides reliable sources for direct/indirect illumination. Spaces confining classrooms, offices, conference rooms, auditoriums and other public places require diffused as well as direct lighting. Larger spaces cannot be dim as they create a looming sense of dullness and gloom—choose your lights likewise.

Effective Lighting Tips

Maximize the lighting quality in your facilities with these effective tips.

  • Resort to indirect lighting, whenever and wherever possible.
  • Ensure that lights are installed on all room surfaces. This specially rings true for walls which are away from windows or are deeply placed and appear darker than the rest.
  • Refrain from investing in fixtures and light fittings which are visually dominant, produce glare or are seemingly unpleasant.
  • Strive to control overly bright windows and direct sun entry –without cutting off beneficial views and daylight.
  • Look for good user control. Adjustable lighting, regulators and multilevel switching options help in the creation of customized lighting and are important for offices, homes and classrooms alike.
  • Consider an ambient/task approach. Instead of blanketing all available space with highest light levels, provide specific lighting at various task locations. The act save money and creates the perfect ambience for different users.
  • Basic energy controls are important. Occupancy sensors and specially manufactured switch fixtures for offices and homes are energy efficient and provide reliable means of cost cutting.
  • Remember to purchase lamps with a color rendering index scores of at least 80.

Great Design Lights by Ingo – Making Investments the Right Way

Affordable, stylish, trendy and easy-to install; great design lights by Ingo go a long way in creating the “right” light for your space. Whether you choose to install indirect lighting with pendant linear fluorescent up-lights or prefer energy efficient spotlights for more compact and direct lighting; you are surely spoilt for choice with their shapes, styles, prices and outputs.

Color rending, luminosity, brightness balance and control over brightness/distribution of light are some other vital components, which make your “lighting” investments worthwhile.

With these effective tips and measures in place, you can safely say “Let there be light!”—in an affordable and smart manner!

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