Great Tips For Constructing Dog Friendly House

Many dog owners realize that having this four-leg friend within the house is more than just enjoying in its funny behaviour and spending time playing around. When you welcome the puppy or adult dog in your home, you must know that it’s not slightly different from adopting a new family member, so you must adjust entire home space to it, in order to create safe and comfortable pet environment. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to turn the house upside down to suit your dog, but to implement some simple spatial adjustments which can also ease care activities you provide. Improve your pet surrounding by applying some of the following tips for making your house dog-friendly:

House dog-friendly

Exclude hazardous stuff

Apart from being very smart, dogs are extremely curious and eager to grab anything that may seem interesting. Therefore, turning your house into safe space for your doggie, require you to remove any toxic or physically dangerous thing that is within its reach. Consider storing food, cosmetics, chemical substances and medicaments within upper containers, so dog is unable to take and swallow any of these.

Your indoor space shouldn’t abound with low shelves appropriate for dog to climb up, so it’s best to install them within higher levels. Secure electricity plugs with coverlids, hide cables wherever it’s possible, and make sure your trash bin is always closed. If your pet has access to the whole house, watch out it doesn’t have a chance to get stuck in washing machine, dryer or even toilet.

Create convenient feeding area

You can actually improve your dog’s feeding time and diminish the possibility of food or liquid spillage by designing small feeding areas. Regardless if you want to place it in separate space or in living room, functional feeders which automatically dose food or water may be excellent idea. In case that’s not an option, consider making floor -fixed steel vessels surrounded by tile surface to ensure easy maintenance and safe meals for your pet.

Build a little door for your buddy

If you live in collective building or house without a backyard, then this is not great idea, since your dog may escape. Anyway, fenced yard space around the house is something your pet shouldn’t be deprived of, so give it some freedom by installing small square passage, either within your entrance door or external house’s wall. This is especially useful if your dog used to relieve itself outside, so you don’t have to look after it all the time. When considering this step, make sure your backyard is suitable and safe for dog to snoop around.

Dog house

Include comfy sleeping and resting places

Dogs like to curl up within soft and warm area, so turning your house into dog-friendly space means you must arrange appropriate places where your friend can lie in. Tucked areas, such as under-stairs space and corners are comfortable for installing basket filled with tender cushions or blanket where your puppy can sleep or relax. Since dogs are tend to wallow and jump almost everywhere, use Stefmar’s furminator to keep your dog’s hair healthy and clean. This also a great help when it comes to keeping your home space “hair clean”.

Think about floors and furniture

It would be great if you could reduce the number of carpets you have inside, since it accumulates dog’s hair, food or liquid leftovers and dog can ruin it with claws. Having floor without a carpet also enables easier wiping, but you can keep it in rooms where your dog doesn’t have access. While wooden floor makes warmer base, it can be easily scratched, so concrete or tiled surfaces are the best choice for flooring your house when you have dog. Also, choose couches, armchairs and other furniture which is covered with leather and microfiber or use solid furniture coverings to keep them undamaged.

Make bathing spot

Add smaller sink or improvised shower area within your garage, basement or utility room, so you don’t have to share bath tub with your pet. Besides, dog’s bathing time isn’t as calm as yours, and creating a separate washing area means you won’t have chaos within your bathroom. Adapting a house according to your dog’s habits is not just a matter of its cosiness, but a step which facilitates entire space maintenance and makes your togetherness more harmonious.

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