Green Tech to Outfit in Your Home

Green is the color of the time. Changing our lifestyles to resemble something that is decidedly more environmentally friendly is an action that is becoming more and more common in modern life. As large-scale consumer-based companies try to cut back on emissions and waste, so too does the American homeowner look for ways that they can adapt their own homes to be more eco-conscious.

Eco Conscious - Green Tech to Outfit in Your Home

The clearest path to accomplish this is through technology, as the green tech industry has developed numerous ways to adapt a home to be less wasteful and more renewable. Here are some of the options for green technology that are available for homes, today…

Energy monitor

First of all, it’s a lot easier to make educated decisions about how to cut down on your energy usage if you know exactly how much energy you’re using. For this purpose, you can install an energy monitor in your home, which is connected to the power cable that is incoming to your home.

From there, it is able to transmit the energy usage to a monitor on the inside of your home that can give you a detailed reading of how much energy you are using. When you are able to see what days were big energy usage days, it really gives you an insight into what changes you can make to reduce your energy usage, and can help you save a little over 10%, on average, off your annual electric bill.

Solar Panels - Green Tech to Outfit in Your Home

Solar panels

Solar panels are the bright future of green technology. Recent advancements in solar panel equipment has led to solar arrays that will help power a home, regardless of if it is cloudy or not. New battery storage capacities also mean that this energy will last deep into the night. Depending on how many storage panels you put on your home, a professional solar panel setup can save thousands of dollars in energy costs, every year. In addition, most of the initial cost to install solar panels can be recouped through federal and state rebates that reward renewable energy upgrades.

Electric vehicle charging stations

If you are looking to update your home with the latest and greatest in green technology, then it isn’t any stretch of the imagination to assume that you probably work to reduce your emissions impact by driving an electric vehicle (or at the very least, you’d like to). Well, in that case, you can set up your garage to be equipped with an electric vehicle charging station.

Typically, solar panels and other forms of renewable energy sources come with a home-based battery, such as Tesla’s Powerwall, which is able to connect to an electric vehicle. In this way, you can make the most of your vehicle’s investment by drastically cutting energy costs associated with your car.

Programmable Switches - Green Tech to Outfit in Your Home

Programmable switches

Nowadays, smart-home technology enables us to set up most electrical components in our home, such as light switches, televisions, thermostats, and etc, to be controlled from our phones. Well, most of these smart-switches are able to be programmed and set to timers.

What this enables is for homeowners to make sure that power is never left running when it needn’t be. You can program certain lights to be shut off at certain times, or set your thermostat to intelligently respond to the time of day and environment of the home. All of these things can drastically reduce the amount of casual energy wasting that goes on in a home, on a day-to-day basis.

Rain harvest systems

If you live in a community that frequently experiences droughts, then you know how much of a luxury water can seem to be. Indeed, during the warmer months, some places even place strict restrictions on times of day that water can be running, outside.

If you’d like to contribute less to water shortages, then one fancy new green contraption that you can take advantage of in your home is a system to harvest rainwater. Oldschool systems essentially just drained rainwater into a contraption, but newer technology allows for rainwater to be filtered and sent into your home’s plumbing system.

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