Green Urban Infrastructure: Know the Environmental and Social Benefits

In the year 1985, Edward Wilson who is an entomologist made everyone aware of the concept of biophilia through his hypothesis “the love of life or the living systems”. Some of the researchers also say that it is good to look at the nature in order to stay healthy as it helps in concentrating on a particular thing.

green wall

Benyus in the year 1997, defined the term “Biomimicry” to be derived and inspired by the natural things. This is a methodology that offers solutions to various human challenges by exploring or discovering what nature is offering. Most of the people are feeling the emptiness of nature in the big cities and towns. But they are actually not taking any step to feeling the gap.

To look through the matter, the concept of green walls or vertical garden has grown in importance. The green walls are actually the living walls that are installed on the cement walls instead of planting them on the ground. Some of the vertical gardens even do not need soil. They can be grown on the vertical media. Though, this type of gardening requires lots of maintenance but they bring nature inside home. The green walls offer several biodiversity advantages to the surrounding environment that are replaced by cement forest. In the recent days, most of the people prefer living in the urban areas instead of the rural areas, health experts are observing that health problems are increasing in the society that are costing huge to the families. To cope up with these situations, opting for greener environment will improve the health of the city dwellers and also improve the mental state of the individuals. Additionally, a natural surrounding offers relaxation, play and comfort in nature.

Problems that are associated with excessive pollution like breathing problems, asthma and skin irritation can be eliminated by filtering the pollutants through the green vegetation or slowing the storm water of the urban environment through the urban saving designs. In terms of economics, the cities will conserve the energy with the help of the green infrastructure. The value of the land will increase and the creativity of the place as well. Using green walls in home or the commercial building helps in protecting the biodiversity of the region and improving the quality of air. The leaves of the green walls trap the harmful gases and liberate oxygen to the atmosphere.

Vertical garden in Kitchen

The green walls increase the aesthetic value and make a space look more beautiful. Some of the vertical garden and plants are hanged from the ceilings or some are installed on the walls of the living spaces. The green walls help in protecting the endangered species of plants and animals. They are also useful in preserving the flora and fauna diversity. The addition of green infrastructure to the city houses is of great importance for the city dwellers and for the environment as well. This concept of gardening has increased in popularity in many parts of the world. Living in between the nature can bring peace to the mind.

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