Guardians of The Galaxy Bedroom Decor

Since the release of the second part of Guardians of The Galaxy everything about it is trending. Be it the hero costumes, lunchboxes, backpacks, t-shirts, phone covers and even bed sheets! Being a fan of the movie is all cool until you’ve decided to make your own Guardians of The Galaxy themed room. Which can’t be difficult to make since almost every tool you need is available in craft stores.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Guardians of The Galaxy Bedroom Decor

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You need to make a fully decorated room to get the feel of the theme. You just need a few key ingredients to get started. Let’s get decorating! This themed room will be nothing but perfect when you’re done!

Bedding: Since themed movie beddings are sold everywhere, there’s a high probability to getting a nice duvet cover and pillow cases. Check online for a bigger variety of the bedding if you don’t get them in the home décor stores.

Wall Décor: It’s like a tattoo for your wall, easy to put on and easier to remove them if you ever plan on changing your room décor. Super easy to get in your local craft stores, you will find the exact themed decals you desire in all shapes and sizes. Just buy them, soak a towel in warm water. Hold it against the surface and pat with the towel until the paper comes off. Get creative with them and stick them all over the room.

Galaxy Background - Guardians of The Galaxy Bedroom Decor

Poster Pictures: These posters come in different dimensions and in different sets. You will find these in local stores or even online. The bigger the better to get your room cosy. A poster would normally come in 4-6 pieces in which you must assemble to complete them.

Curtains: Guardians of The Galaxy themed curtains are so easy to get in your local home décor store. It doesn’t have to be movie themed. It could also be a plain galaxy curtain to introduce you to the milky way.

Since baby Groot is the most loved character from the Guardians of The Galaxy, he is the most popular on the market too. Small baby Groot statues are a must for every guardian of the galaxy fans. You can add a little extra to your room to get the Groot vibes. Such as pussy willow branches and fake vines to decorate your walls or furniture. You could get creative with them and swirl them around your bed frame, the legs of your desk or even your curtain rails.

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