Guide To Better Bathing Experience With Good Shower Enclosures

Want a faster and better way to take a shower daily, instead of having to stand in your bath tub? Want a more private and cozy bathing experience? With the fast paced life these days, and constraints on all resources, one cannot expect to take a long bath daily; in fact most of us cannot afford to take a bath and actually would prefer a quick shower instead.

Shower Enclosure

How to have a private and enjoyable bathing experience?
Taking a shower is not only a hygienic necessity, but also a therapeutic and highly private experience. So one would want to have a bathroom, where one can enjoy a shower which is not only relaxing but also quick. And besides the advantages of conserving precious resources while showering, it is also preferable to have a bathing experience after which you don’t have to clean and scrub the entire bathroom floor.

Keeping all these considerations of today’s consumers in mind, one of the best options available is using a showering enclosure. It is exactly what the name says; it is an enclosed space which is specially designed and built to cater all the bathing requirements of an individual.

Benefits of a shower enclosure

Besides the obvious advantage of privacy, a showering enclosure proves helpful in some of the following areas as well.

  • Conserves resources: In an enclosed space, you don’t waste a lot of water splattering around all over your bathroom. Also since the cabinet is closed, you don’t have to turn up the thermostat heat too high to get warm water. A moderate water temperature, along with the steam captures in the enclosure helps you in getting a spa like feel while taking a shower.
  • No need to shop for individual bathroom fixtures: The entire shower enclosure comes fitted with harmonious and homogenous fixtures, thus saving you a lot of time and money on shipping and installation of those fixtures individually.
  • Optimal utilization of small spaces: Immaterial of the size of your bathroom, installing a showering enclosure ensures a dedicated space in your bathing area. And since these enclosures come in all different shapes and sizes depending on the area available, you can optimize these cabinets to use every inch of your bathroom.
  • Cost considerations: Though the initial cost of buying and installing a shower cabinet might seem high, but it is one of those home furnishings which you continue to use for years, the actual cost of investment comes out to be very reasonable and effective, especially if you’ve bought a quality enclosure in the first place.
  • Sturdy and reliable: Since it is a closed space, thus it reduces the risk of slips and bathroom accidents, thus making your shower not only pleasant but safe as well.

Types of shower enclosures

Depending on individual needs and space available, there are different shapes and sizes available for a showering panel in the market today.  These enclosures come with the options of bi-folding, hinged or sliding doors, depending on the style you prefer and space available in your bathroom.

One of the most basic and standard shower enclosures is square enclosure, which as the name suggests, is a regular square shower cabinet, normally 760 by 760 mm in size. You can also choose a rectangular shower enclosure, which will slightly vary in size and shape.

Another option available is a quadrant shower enclosure, which is a slight variation of the regular straight panel enclosure. In this type of enclosure, the panels are curved which provide a very modern and stylish look to the entire showering enclosure.

Choose a shower enclosure which best suits your requirement, style and budget. These shower cabinets help not only in optimal space and energy utilization, but also provides a very modern and open look to your bathroom.

Author’s Bio:
Simon is an interior designer, who works on construction and renovation projects for a variety of clients. She believes that all that looks classy need not be expensive, thus offering a value for money along with best interior styles and optimum utility to all of her clients. She finds that use of offset quadrant shower enclosures adds a sense of privacy and design aesthetics to a bathroom, while still being extremely practical.

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