Guide to Redesigning Your Kitchen

Have you got tired of your old kitchen? The last time you painted it was a few years ago, but the whole design is so dated that you do not feel comfortable in it anymore. The times have changed and so has the taste in fashion and decorating. If you do not feel comfortable spending time in it, making your first morning coffee, that means it is time for redecorating. If you are not sure what particular changes you might add, here are a couple of suggestions on how to turn your old-fashioned kitchen into a modern cooking paradise.

White kitchen island by Tom Chapman, on Flickr

Painting The Walls

There is a high possibility that you have some old wallpapers in the kitchen, especially if you inherited the house from your parents. They used to be a big hit back in the days, but not anymore. First thing you need to do is take them all off, throw them out and set your walls free. After you take them down, your walls are probably going to be damaged so you will have to call plaster services to improve the state your walls are in.

They will also paint your kitchen, but you are the one that has to decide on the color. You can choose between two designs: classic white walls, with stainless steel marble on the elements, that will give your kitchen elegant and sophisticated look, but it might feel a bit cold. The other way to do it is to choose a particular color for the walls that will add warmth to the entire place.


If you are ready to spend some more money on renovating, consider changing some of the appliances. Make sure that their design goes with the rest of the kitchen – they are not just used for cooking, baking and washing the dishes, but they also contribute to the complete look of the room. People over at Matchbox offer great kitchen giftware that should suit any style you’re looking to achieve. Another important thing is that you need to buy a high quality appliances. Not only do they look considerably better, but they will work better than the cheaper ones. You might need to spend a little more on them in the beginning, but they will pay off in the long run, as they will not break as much and you will spend less on repairs.


An Island

One of the most interesting and efficient pieces of furniture that every kitchen can have is an island. It is usually situated in the middle of the room, and not only does it look esthetically good, it also serves several purposes. It is used as a separator between the kitchen and the dinning room, because in most houses space is limited and the two rooms need to blend into one. Also the island itself can be used as a dinning table, for less formal lunches or a fast breakfasts, and in that case all you need is a bar stool so that you would not eat off your feet. And finally, you can use island when you prepare food for cutting, slicing, peeling or storing some things that might get in your way, when the counters and working surfaces you already have are not enough.

Do not leave everything stay just a fantasy, pick up your phone, call some professional plumbers, plasters or even designers, and make your kitchen your new favorite room in the house.

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