Have Earwigs, German Roaches Or Ants Laid Claim To Your House ?

Earwigs, German roaches and ants are some of the most destructive pests known to man. Their presence alone might disrupt the very peace of your home. So how does one identify with an infestation and deal with them.

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Earwigs in house

It is primarily their search for moisture which brings them indoors during spells of profound dry heat. Large populations can cause significant damage to your well maintained garden. Earwigs are attracted to lighting and reducing bright lighting around doors, windows and other potential entry sites might prevent them to seeking refuge in your house. Cleaning damp places and denying them their source of moisture might help resolve issues for a while. Sealing cracks and plumbing entry points with weather-stripping or caulking might also keep their populations in check. Since they are omnivorous they are a threat to your gardens and indoors they are a bit unnerving given that they scurry around like cockroaches though they seldom use their pincers called cerci on humans. However, earwigs in the house are harder to control than cockroaches. Traps might be a good option if you have an infestation.

German roaches

Infamous for their inability to survive far from human colonies the German cockroach relies on water, warmth, food and harbourage to infest and multiply. Blattella germanica or the German roach adulterates food with its faecal and defensive secretions. A known carrier of many pathogens it is also particularly known to bite humans in a large infestation when food sources are scarce. Though they do this primarily in search of food particles on a human face or looking for dead skin this can often be a traumatic experience. Besides the obvious chance of inflammation and infection if left untreated, they have side effects in the manner of post-traumatic stress. 

Since they are also generally associated with poor sanitation and hygiene this can be extremely depressing for an individual who has an infestation at hand. Insecticide treatments may in the manner of traps, dusts and powders may be a good option to control German roaches. You can also call in the experts, the charges of exterminators and professional pest control agencies are often affordable. It is therefore better to grab do it yourself complete pest control kits which usually do the trick well. They are also pretty affordable.

Ants can be a menace too.

Do you see those tiny ants scurrying past and always getting to your sweet things? Tired of seeing the sawdust-like residue after an attack by carpenter ants at your under construction home? Ants are not entirely harmless. Some like the Red-Imported Fire Ants have a painful and irritating sting, while the black garden ant is s major threat to your gardens. Some like pharaoh ants are a major threat to hospitals where due to their size they have easy access to wounds and driplines causing spread of infection and electrical interference. To get rid of ants try insecticides or ant gels. While the former may have a few health hazards and would have to be used cautiously. It also often scatters ants rather than killing them. The latter has a broad spectrum. It targets almost all types of ants so take your pick.

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