Heat Pumps Are a Great Year Round Option

As the summer days wane and fall sets in the temperatures fall and the air conditioned units give way to heating systems. Whether you have central temperature control or stand alone units in separate rooms you should think about heat pumps Victoria BC. In case you are unfamiliar with heat pumps, a heat pump is a very versatile piece of equipment that can be used in both cooling and heating systems. In temperate regions, though, heat pumps are used chiefly for heating.


Heat pumps work by manipulating their refrigeration operation for the purpose of cooling or heating using a reversible valve, which swaps the condenser coil with the evaporator coil to change the function. This swapping then pushes the refrigerant in opposite directions to serve either purpose. As an air conditioning unit the evaporator sucks out all the warm air within the desired space and the condenser spews that air outside. On the other hand as a heater the heat pump absorbs ambient heat i.e. from the ground and surrounding air and then sends this inside the space to be heated.

But before popping in a store for heat pumps you need to understand exactly what to look for. What are your needs? Do you want a unit for an entire building or for just one room? How much money do you intend to spend? The answers to those questions will determine the system that is right for you. Heat pumps are very varied some may be similar while others may be polar opposites, and are available with different functions, shapes, colors and sizes. As a general guide- heat pump prices increase with the size of the appliance. For under a thousand dollars you can get a small heat pump that is suitable for a room. Domestic systems for whole buildings generally vary in cost from two to five thousand dollars; the additional cost for ductwork must also be considered and calculated. Ductless domestic systems are also available.

Direct cost is not the only factor, we all know that energy prices are soaring and continue on a steady ascent and the last thing any of us want is a piece of equipment that would add needless expense to an already high energy bill. With that said, it would be unwise to buy a heat pump that is cheap but not energy efficient. Look for the SEER rating before you buy. Seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER determines just how efficient the appliance is and the bigger the number the better for the consumer because the heat pumps Victoria is more energy efficient. For models made in Europe look for ESEER, the additional letter e in the acronym meaning European. Both acronyms refer to the same thing.

When shopping for heat pumps many persons prefer traditional and established brands like Trane, Coleman and Heal, but, different experts have their favorites and high quality heat pumps may be available at good prices in other brands so keep an open mind.

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