Holiday Lighting Technology

Every year we see advances in all technology, and holiday lighting is no exception. Americans find themselves dressing up their homes, yards and sometimes even their automobiles.

Holiday Lighting

Each year you will find neighbors trying to outdo their previous years with more lights, blow up creatures and movable lawn ornaments.  Listed below are some of the traditional, tried and true examples of holiday lighting technology, as well as some of the latest trends, gizmos and gadgets.

  1. One of the most recognizable is the rooftop Christmas lights. These lights come in cone shaped or round light bulbs, multi – colored, single colored or all white colorless bulbs. You will find that many people line the entire roof with these iconic lights. Newer additions in this category include icicles and snowflakes to hang from the rooflines, both upper and lower.
  1. Lighted Christmas wreaths hanging from your front door, sconces on the front of your home or on the garage doors are another traditional mode of decor. In the past these weren’t often lit, but in more recent years people have found ways to add a strand of lights with either a battery pack or an extension cord.
  1. Lawn ornaments of a variety of shapes and sizes are always pleasant additions to your yard. You can find wire-framed animals, snowmen and other creatures with mechanical, automated movements. These are often lit up with strands of lights and come in new shapes and characters each year.
    Also, there are more and more blow up Santas, snow globes and a variety of other critters in sizes ranging from small to 12 plus feet tall. These are often lit internally, so are easily seen from the street.
  1. New lighting technology has also been linked to sound. You can get these at most department stores such as Walmart or Target. These lights can flicker to the beat of the music, most typically the popular Christmas songs. If you are looking for that extra something to push your decorations over the top this might be just the thing.
  1. Projected lighting is reasonably new and fun.  In previous years you could splash a Christmas scene or holiday message on the front of your house. This would include snowmen, nativity scenes, Santa, ‘Ho Ho Ho’, ‘Merry Christmas’, Happy Hanukkah and many other holiday messages. There were many fun designs and sayings to project and often they are interchangeable, so you can change what you have each night.

No matter your personal decorating taste, there are endless options for your Christmas and holiday displays. As long as people enjoy lighting up their homes, we will continue to see competitions on who can include the most number of lights and the gaudiest displays of holiday cheer.

Written by Clark Jones, owner of Tree Frog Complete Grounds Maintenance. Tree Frog is the best company for landscaping and lawn care Columbia MO has to offer.

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