Home Decoration Item of Mounting a TV

Freeing space in our living room is always a great idea, and one of the first things to consider when you want to free space, is to mount your TV to the wall. We assume you have a flat screen TV by now, whether it’s plasma, LDC or LED, and these are susceptible to be mounted on the wall, allowing you to have more space in your living room and to get rid of that old piece of furniture you used to have to watch it.

TV - Home Decoration Item of Mounting a TV

So, if you want to mount your TV you can always call a local handyman, but you can also do it yourself and save some money. But this is not something to be taken lightly, mounting a TV can be more difficult than it seems and, if you are not careful and you don’t follow a few hints, you may end up with a broken TV or even worse, an accident that may send you to ER.

First of all, locate the perfect place to mount your TV. It is easier to move a piece of furniture than mounting a TV again so, when you do it you want it in the perfect place. Make sure you can watch it well from any angle, or at least from every angle it is expected to be watched.Room lighting and reflections are the main killer of TV images. Off course, you can just turn off the lights or close the blinds, but sometimes that is not so easy or possible.

Once you have the perfect spot, mark it. A good tip is just to make a small mark in the place where the lower-left corner of your TV is going to be placed. This way you have both axis defined in just a small mark.

The wall mount you plan to use must be of good quality. Keep away from those $5 wall mounts you can find around, they are not what you want. They are easily bent and they may not fit your TV to perfection. Spending a few pocket change more can give you a good wall mount because if your TV falls to the ground it is not just a lot of money you lost, it may cause a very unpleasant accident. You don’t need to use the official wall mount for every TV model, there are some generic ones that ensure a good grip and won’t fall. Just don’t go for the cheapest.

Follow the instructions at all times. We know user’s guides contain some information that is so obvious you want to ignore. Do not. Every piece of information in the guide is there for something and ignoring it may lead to an accident. Safety first, remember that always.

Talking about safety, unless you know where are all the electric lines at home, turn off the electricity before you start drilling. It is a common accident to hit an electric line with the drill. And also, get a friend or somebody to help you lift the TV. Yes, you can do it by yourself but working in these conditions is dangerous. You can lift it well, but you can’t put it onto the brackets by yourself.

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