Home Plumbing: Why Your Home May Need a New Sump Pump

Flooding and prolonged exposure to moisture are among the most devastating and expensive types of damage that can occur in your home. Many houses with basements are equipped with a sump pump to remove excess water when necessary. Unfortunately, homeowners frequently wait too long to update their system, exposing themselves to hidden costs and obvious risks if their pump breaks when they need it most.

Flooding - Home Plumbing: Why Your Home May Need a New Sump Pump

Old Age and Poor Condition

Even when kept in good condition, sump pumps generally last a decade or less before they need to be replaced. Systems that bear a particularly heavy burden or aren’t maintained properly may break down in a few years. Homeowners with a degrading pump may notice that it is running constantly throughout the day or frequently making loud, unpleasant noises. Aged or faulty sump pumps are less likely to hold up during an emergency, so don’t hesitate to get it checked out by a professional.

While basic repairs and maintenance may be enough to get your pump back into shape, it’s also a good time to consider installing a completely new system. Setting up a completely modern waterproofing and sump system prepares your entire basement and foundation for all kinds of potential domestic disasters. Some newer systems are also available in energy-efficient designs to minimize power consumption when possible.

Increase in Work Load

Sudden changes in the demand placed on the pump, like a period of particularly heavy rainfall, can provoke deterioration and bring lingering issues to the surface. Other common reasons for extreme interior flooding include backups in the city sewers, large snow melts and swelling of nearby rivers. Many basic or low-cost pumps are only designed for light use, so they may not be able to remove water quickly enough during a disaster.

Changes in climate or weather patterns over the course of months or years can also prompt homeowners to upgrade their system. Several winters with heavy snowfall could lead to consistent water in the soil, which means much more moisture affecting the foundation and basement interior. Local rivers and streams may also grow or adjust course over time, exposing homes to higher flood risks than in previous years.

New Sump Pump - Home Plumbing: Why Your Home May Need a New Sump Pump

Keeping Your Home Free From Water Damage

All homeowners who are serious about protecting their home from the short and long-term consequences of water damage should have their pump serviced at least once a year. Professional maintenance from companies like Rite-Way Waterproofing ensures that your system is running optimally, which cuts down on malfunctions and operating costs. New systems provide higher power with better efficiency, which keeps your home safer and mitigates the risks posed by sudden flooding.

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