Home Renovation Mishaps: 4 Ways to Keep Your Renovation on Track

As a homeowner, it’s only natural to want to improve upon the space you live in. Maybe you love the kitchen but the bathroom is an eyesore. Regardless of the project, even with meticulous planning, things can go wrong when doing home renovations. So, what do you do when your dream home renovation becomes your worst nightmare? Here are four ways to keep your home renovation on track.

Home Renovation - Home Renovation Mishaps: 4 Ways to Keep Your Renovation on Track


One of the most common reasons people end up with poor renovation results is because they didn’t take the time to do proper research prior to getting started. Being impulsive with a decision like choosing a renovation business almost guarantees a less than adequate job. Don’t just skim through renovation companies and pick the one that piques your interest. Research them first before calling. Look at reviews from previous clients and see if there are more negative reviews than positive.

Keep Accurate Records

After sorting through and choosing a contractor, make sure to document everything that happens. This means writing down when they come to work, how long they are there and if they don’t come on days they were supposed to. Furthermore, it’s important to write down if they contact you to let you know that they’ll be unavailable that day. If you have to give them a message, write down how long it took for them to respond to you. Most importantly, always check to see what products they’re using are high quality. It’s in your best interest to go over your homeowner’s insurance policy. Damages may occur during the renovation, so see if it will be covered by your insurance.

Read the Fine Print

As always, when you sign a contract, you should be reading the fine print. Before you enlist the contractor’s services, always read the contract thoroughly. People who turn a blind eye may find an unexpected prices and terms that never really agreed to. If you’re not sure on how the contract works, consult a lawyer and have them read it over for you.

File a Complaint

If the job isn’t to your liking or the contractor didn’t adhere to the contract, file a complaint against them. However, know that not all states have the right-to-repair law. This law acts similar to a warranty, which forces the contractor make the necessary repairs free of charge. Should the contractor be licensed, you might want to file a complaint to a consumer affairs department.

If your current living space isn’t working for you, a few renovations could be exactly what you need. However, it might not be the experience you expect. When it comes to your next renovation project, be your own advocate. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy, and if things aren’t going according to plan, take the proper steps to project both yourself and your home.

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