Homeowners: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

Owning a pool is one of the most popular aspirations of typical homeowners in the United States and abroad. Nothing beats the summer heat like relaxing in and lounging by an in-ground or above-ground pool. Of course, maintaining a pool can be a serious hassle. However, it doesn’t have to be an unmanageable headache if you plan ahead and arm yourself with knowledge. Here are 5 prudent tips for effectively maintaining any swimming pool.

Maintain Swimming Pool

Prepare for Prime Time
During the off season, it’s important to do the proper legwork to clean out a pool so that it can be readied in the spring with minimal effort. At the end of the summer, be sure to give your pool’s interior a good cleaning and to scrub the inner liner above the high-water mark with vinyl cleaner. Once drained, you’ll need to secure your pool’s covering to keep out environmental contaminants.

Watch Out for Debris
Keeping an eye on debris such as leaves, twigs, grass and so forth is of the utmost importance for maintaining water quality and avoiding pool damage. Cleaning and backwashing the various filters of your pool regularly is just basic pool maintenance. Skimming the surface a few times a week should go a long way in preventing bigger problems later on as far as jammed filters are concerned.

Vacuum On a Regular Basis
One thing that new pool owners don’t count on is the need to vacuum consistently. It’ll probably take between 20 and 30 minutes per week for you or a pool maintenance service technician to clean the bottom of the average pool. Just be sure to keep an eye on the hose, as a floating one probably has a hole or a full filter. Be sure to get any algae on the sides using nylon brush attachments.

Fine-Tune Your pH Levels
You’re probably already aware that proper chlorine levels are required to keep bacteria and algae at bay. But there’s more to proper pool pH than simply dumping in a few Trichlor tablets once a week. Muriatic acid and soda ash are required to keep a pool’s pH in the sweet spot and combat algae. For many, hiring a pool maintenance service is the most effective way to manage water chemistry.

Employ Shocks to Reset the Clock
Chlorine is constantly breaking down in water, which is why an occasional “shock treatment” is required to combat pool chemical degradation. When the chlorine concentration falls below 2ppm or the alkalinity concentration is under 90ppm, add chlorine or an alkalinity-boosting agent as needed. If you go with a chlorine treatment that includes lithium, you won’t get any undesirable residue. Basically, “shocking” your pool can set things straight in a flash.

Stress-Free Pool Ownership
Keeping a pool clean and in control doesn’t involve a lot of steps or require a lot of hardware. In addition to improving the quality and appearance of the pool itself, regular upkeep will assist a homeowner in maintaining value. It’ll also help to prevent future repair bills that may arise from neglect. Craft a sensible pool maintenance schedule and stick to it for the best results possible.

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