How Does Technology Help In Home Improvement?

High tech is something that has touched various areas of life and society in a major way. Everything from the realm of communications to medicine to business to entertainment to beyond has been improved and graced by the ever evolving hand of technology. Home improvement and the building industry is no different. How does technology help in home improvement? Do read on to learn more. What is great about technology is its constant changing state and diversity. This means that it can help on all fronts with all sorts of home improvements of all kinds. It doesn’t matter if a person is rebuilding their home or just putting in a whole new kitchen or bathroom. Technology has the power to help them make the right decisions and take the right steps every time.

Technology for house

HVAC systems now have duchess heating and cooling

The HVAC market is something that is growing tremendously by leaps and bounds. It is a $200 billion a year industry and with good reason. Technology is forever growing and changing in this industry constantly. One of the most recognizable of all changes to emerge with HVAC systems is no other than a thing called duchess heating and cooling. What is duchess heating and cooling? Duchess heating and cooling is a technology in that individuals can now cool or heat individual room instead of entire buildings or homes. The rooms that people occupy can only be cooled or heated by choice. It is no longer necessary to heat and cool the whole office place or home personal space.

The roofing industry now has a new software technology

Technology does indeed play a strong role in home improvement and another area is in the roofing sector. The roofing sector is another very lucrative industry and there are countless people who need new roofs for their homes and or businesses. The roofing industry now has a new software technology. What is this new software technology? It is no other than a software technology that does take aerial roof measurements. This new technology means that roofing contractors no longer have to scale ladders and depend on manual measurements alone. They can now use this new software technology to make better estimates on costs for new roofs and it far better for the roofing contractor to use at the end of the day. Eagleview is the company who has developed this amazing new software for the roofing industry to utilize.

Smart windows are another hand of technology in home improvement

Home improvement and technology do seem to be an inseparable pair. This is because the windows industry is another industry that is constantly growing and improving in a big way too. What are smart windows? Smart windows aren’t a stupid investment by homeowners for sure. Smart windows are no other than a layer of electrochromic material that can be adjusted to permit only certain levels of light to come through these very special windows.

Electrochromic material is special in that it can change color, and this happens, as a result of an electrical current being applied to them. This electrical current causes what is called chemical oxidation reaction. These windows have a power source wired through them, via two oxide layers, and these oxide layers experience a voltage that kicks off the reaction. These smart windows can either let in light or block it out. What these smart windows do translates to is more energy efficiency and paying lower light bills at the end of the day.

Home security is another area that technology is definitely big in

Home security is something that everyone does want who owns a home or a business. Technology is also always present in this industry and changing things for the better. There are now security systems that have been altered into full-blown home automation. Homeowners can be anywhere in the world and check on their home from the comfort of their own smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Security systems can also be wired without actually being wired now. This is because they do wireless cameras that can be mounted both inside and outside of a home. This can give homeowners more eyes to keep on those they love the most.


It is no surprise that home improvement and technology do indeed complement each other. This is because they are both helping to make the smart home market to grow in a major way. It is projected that by 2020, the smart home market will grow in excess of $51.7 billion. This only translates to one thing, and this one thing is this, technology will be hard at work evolving and changing the area of home improvement in a multitude of ways that are yet to be discovered and are waiting.

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