How Safe Is Your Garage from Burglars?

When most consumers think about securing their homes, they focus on windows and doors. Keeping doors and windows locked when not at home is certainly important but these are not the only places a burglar may attempt to enter. The garage is often the entry point of choice for burglars and when it is not properly secured, it can be very vulnerable.


Burglars will even go so far as to pull their getaway vehicle into a garage that is left open and then close the door so that they are not detected while performing their heist. It is critical that consumers understand how vulnerable the garage can be and how to properly secure it to prevent entry into the home.

Garage doors and windows should be locked just like doors and windows in the home. Some garages have a number of windows and more than one door and these elements can often be overlooked. Deadbolt locks offer the most security and can be very difficult for burglars to break through. Sash or window locks should be secure and bars or other security measures could be taken as well if necessary.

Lighting is also something that should be considered. Security experts recommend adequate outdoor lighting around all vulnerable entry points. This means the garage as well. Placing floodlights that are connected to motion sensors is an excellent way to keep would-be criminals from entering the garage. When someone walks by these lights, they will come on. You may also consider having your garage overhead lights connected to an automated light supply if you use one. Having your lights on automation ensures that they come on at specified times each day or whenever you choose to turn them on from a remote location. This is an excellent way to make it appear as if someone is actually in your home and even in your garage which will likely scare away any criminals considering entering through the garage.

Finally, you can help to protect your garage and your home by having your home security system extended. If you have a home system and it does not include the garage, see if you can upgrade. Window and door sensors as well as motion sensors can be installed in the garage which will give you the same protection that you have inside the house. If you do not have a home security system, this is a good time to think about getting one. You can even choose a system that gives you remote access so you can open and close the garage door, turn on the lights and perform other functions from remote locations.

The garage is an extension of your home and needs to be protected just like your main living area. If you have not considered the garage as part of your overall home security, now is the time to do so. Think about where burglars may be able to gain entry to your garage and if you do not have a home security system, think about adding one that includes the garage. Zions Security offers home security installation and monitoring services throughout Utah. Check out the list of cities they service here-

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