How the Right Home Improves Your Health

Finally living in your dream house is an ultimate dream of many. We opt for the best design and style to achieve the best dream house possible. These two aspects are essential in producing not only a beautiful home but a healthy one as well. Read on and let’s a take a look at how the aesthetics of our home improves our health.

Room Color

It “Colors” your Mood

Did you know that each color evoke a certain emotion? This is why using the right color palette for your home is essential when you start designing your humble abode. Interior designers follow the color psychology to produce a space that is not only visually appealing but can uplift your spirit and bring positive aura into the room as well. Each color directly affects our mood and emotion.

Here’s a quick tips on what color suits a certain room or space in your home.

  • White – White is the safest color to incorporate into your home. This color is known to have purity and cleanliness effect. Paint white for the largest element in your room, such as walls and ceilings. You may want to add a darker shade to create a dramatic effect.
  • Blue – Blue is known for its calmness and peaceful effect. Integrate it in bathroom or bedroom to help you relax and relieve stress.
  • Gray – Being a neutral color, gray brings a sense of serenity and refreshing effect to a certain space. This color is perfect for living room and bathroom.

It Reduces Stress and Depression

Apart from the design and style, our cleaning and organizing habits in the house directly affects our well-being. Create a to-do list, sort the pile of papers, clear the kitchen sink, and invest in shelves as storage of your stuff are some of the healthy habits you should start doing at your home. A clutter-free space is helpful in having a happy and healthy humble abode.

It Will Boost Productivity

Interior design is more than just an aesthetic. The form of your house should complement function and your lifestyle. The placement of your appliances and furniture should have a specific purpose, and not merely focuses on the visual aspect. For example, the size of a certain home appliance should fit the dimension of the room. Make sure to have a natural light into your kitchen space since this would help in preparing nutritional meals. Lastly, maintain a clutter-free space as this would benefit the state of your mind. Following these tricks will boost your productivity since you can freely move around your home.

Your home should be your sanctuary after the long day of work. This should be the place for relaxation and comfort. Real estate management companies make sure to produce a home that is both perfect for leisure and well-being. Even HDB’s in Singapore are incorporating the right form and function into their properties to provide not only a visually appealing space but a healthy one to their customers.

When choosing your dream house, remember and include the mentioned design and style elements mentioned above to have healthy dream house.


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