How to Add a Brick Path to Your Landscape

Lush greenery is one of the most appealing assets when it comes to a yard. But what would make that asset even more appealing is a brick path, something that would allow you to walk through your yard without stepping all over the grass. Instead of calling over a friend or contractor to get the job done, why not consider doing it yourself? Having a landscaping project can be a lot of hard work, but your hard work would pay off in the form of a beautiful yard. Follow these steps for guidance.

Curved Brick Path

  1. The first thing to do is decide where you want your path to go on your property. You will then have to place wooden stakes into the ground, and link them together with string to lay out a well define parameter of the area that is going to be developed. Then, take a paver and dig out the marked space. Allow an extra two inches for the sand mixture that will be put into it later.
  1. Once the path has been dug out and clearly marked, place some wooden edges alongside the dirt in a vertical fashion, and drive the wooden stakes behind them to secure their places. This can be easily done with a mallet tool, just be careful not to crack the wood edges.
  1. Then flatten down the soil on the bottom of the dug out path in between the wooden edges, and pour some sand in that space to fill it up until there is about two inches of space between the floor and the top of the wood. Use a flat edge the width of the path to smooth out the sand, and make the levels smooth and even.
  1. Next, you will have to decide how you want to lay your bricks. Some people prefer to do a crisscross pattern, while others like to have all of the bricks going in the same direction. It has been said that doing a crisscross pattern makes the path a bit sturdier, but no matter which way you choose it should be fine.
  1. Use a block splitter to cut the bricks. It can be helpful to draw lines on them to guide you to keep a straight edge and the correct width and length on each brick. One technique is to lay them as you cut them, while another is to cut them all at once and put them aside to focus on one activity at a time.
  1. Next, lay down your bricks into the design that you have chosen. As you do this, make sure that each one is tightly secured alongside the wooden parameter, and that the bricks do not have much room to wiggle or become loose. Using a mallet to hit them down is a good tactic for making sure that they are in place. If there are any extra spaces along the side of your path, you can always cut smaller pieces of brick to fill them in so that there are no gaps whatsoever in any place. Use a level to make sure that they are straight.
  1. Finally, pour the remaining sand over the entire path to fill in any little gaps between the paver bricks. After doing this, take a broom to sweep any excess sand off the path, and also to evenly distribute it into the cracks along it as well. As a finishing touch, hammer the pegs on the outside of the path to further secure everything in place.

Written by Mike West, owner of WestCo Grounds Maintenance. WestCo provides the best solutions for landscaping Jefferson City MO has to offer. They also specialize in irrigation and lawn sprinkler service.

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