How To Buy The Right Bathroom Mirror?

It is suggested that a mirror can inspire a man to attain moral transcendence and thereby get to know themselves. Socrates encouraged people to look at themselves in the mirror and acknowledge their beauty or the lack of so and act accordingly in their lives. In the modern context, though, mirrors are often used as instruments of basic decorations and to aid self-help in the daily drills of the toilette.

Bathroom Mirrors - How To Buy The Right Bathroom Mirror?

Bathroom mirrors are not only an instrument of great help. Before many of the important activities performed in a bathroom occurs, they create an illusion by making use of all the lights available, lending a vanity and appeal to the overall appearance of the bathroom. Therefore, a number of conditions must be kept in mind, while purchasing a mirror for the bathroom.

  • The amount of space available – Space crunch is a problem which many modern families across the globe face, even in a very expensive apartment. It is therefore suggested that one purchases a bathroom mirror keeping in mind the space available to his or her disposal.
    •  A small washroom with a single basin should have a large mirror hung up above it. Though, the use of multiple mirrors for aesthetic upgradation might work for bathrooms with larger surface areas or in commercial establishments. In a confined space of a private apartment, multiple mirrors would definitely appear to be clumsy. These mirrors sometimes come with attached cabin to keep toiletry. This makes space management easier.
    • For slightly larger areas, one can use multiple mirrors of reasonable sizes on different walls. On doing so, the mirrors will exude an impression of the bathroom to be brighter and even more spacious than it actually is.
  • Positioning the mirror – One is recommended to carefully acknowledge the size of the wall, against which the mirror will be hung. Because every bathroom and its sources of light are different. It is recommended that one decides on the positioning of the bathroom mirror accordingly. Ideally, it would be perfect if the space available around the mirror after hanging it is of equal proportion. However, if that isn’t the case, multiple mirrors of varying sizes can be used to generate the same effect and usefulness.
  • Measurements – Measuring the breadth of the sink will lend the customer an approximate idea, about the ideal size of the mirror as per his or her wish. It is generally advised that the customer places the bathroom mirror at least a few inches above the sink, in order to lessen the backsplash or the spots on drying up. They tend to leave a mark on the mirror.
  • The design of the mirror –  The bathroom mirrors bought should be of the right shape and size. The design enhances the beauty of the bathroom. One must remember that, in case of using multiple mirrors, the shapes and sizes should complement each other. A rectangular mirror of 180 cm square wouldn’t go well with two triangular mirrors of contrasting sizes.

Bathroom Mirror - How To Buy The Right Bathroom Mirror?

  • Light – Mirror and light go hand in hand. 
    • A number of mirrors are available nowadays, with lights attached to them. These are appropriate in bathrooms where there’s deficiency of natural light. However, the customer is advised to make sure that the light on the mirror is soft, and not fluorescent.
    • The customer can also have sconces installed parallel to the mirror, which would provide just the sufficient amount of light needed to get a perfect view of oneself on the mirror, keeping away an unnecessary glare.
    • Even the simplest of bathroom mirrors can be updated only by adding a backlighting to the mirror.

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