How to Choose Optimal Air Conditioner for Home Improvement

Air conditioning units are a very common feature in almost every household as they act as a great solution to the extreme hot and humid weather during the summers. Thus, if you are looking for installing an air conditioning unit in your home or replacing the old system with a new and more efficient one during home improvement, there are numerous options you can choose from. With a plethora of options available, one can choose a system that optimally matches the needs and requirements of their home.

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Types of Air Conditioning Units 

Before deciding to invest on an air conditioner, it is important to know about their various types first. Here are some common types of air conditioners available: 

  • Split AC: The split AC is the most common type consisting of an outside condenser unit and one or more indoor blower units mounted on the walls of the rooms. These systems do not require ductwork and thus are comparatively easier and  inexpensive to install. They can cool one or more rooms as well as an open area of about 60 meters.
  • Window System: A window Ac system is another popular type which is installed in single or double hung windows. Some can fit in sliding windows also. These systems are efficient on cooling rooms or open areas of about 50 meters. Although these systems have been a popular choice, they are replaced with split ACs, which are relatively more efficient and affordable.
  • Central Air Conditioning: As the name suggests, this type of air conditioning unit distributes cool air throughout the house. Its components consist of an evaporator coil and air-handling unit which can be placed in the garage and a condenser unit which is usually placed outside. The ductwork is lined throughout the house and provides cool air using the refrigerator technology. Owing to the convenience of cooling the entire house, this is a preferred system for bigger houses located in extremely hot areas.

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning System 

Other than the features and performance of different air conditioners, many other aspects also determine the kind of system that would match the needs of your house. These factors include the following:

  • Outside Temperature: The climate of the region where you reside also determines the size and type of air conditioning unit you should choose. Since each model of an AC has a certain outdoor temperature operating range, consider factors such as climate and humidity before buying an AC.
  • Size and Capacity: Calculate the cooling or heating capacity of an AC and ensure it matches the requirement of your room or house. While a small room may require about 2.5kW model, a larger open area may benefit from 6kW or above capacity. This is a vital factor to consider as while more powerful system can increase the power usage, underpowered models may suffer excessive wear due to high strain.
  • Electrical Needs: It is important to make sure that the electrical system of the house is equipped to handle the AC’s power needs. You can ask your contractor or electrician to install a higher voltage circuit for powerful AC unit.

By studying these different aspects of air conditioning units, their types, functions, and features, you will be able to choose the right unit for your house. You may also take assistance from a professional who can guide you on choosing the most optimal system that matches your particular needs. Make sure that you invest on quality product with warrantee for long-lasting performance.


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