How to clear Blocked Drainage Pipes

Blockage of a drainage pipe is one of the common household problems. Drain blockage happens due to the accumulation of various solid particles in the pipes that stops or interrupts the flow of water in it. The solid particles may be the result of ignorance of the user and sometimes by his or her ignorance some solid particles is passed through the drainage pipes that gets solidified and gets clogged. At this point, a plumber may be called or a strong force of water may be applied to clear the blockage. There are several ways to clear the blockage of drains and these ways are discussed below.

Blocked Drain - How to clear Blocked Drainage Pipes

The Bent Hanger Method
This is a way used to unclog pipes by using a cloth hanger. The hanger is straightened out and then at one end, a small hook is made by bending it. Since the hangers are elastic so this book is formed perfectly. Then this hook is pushed in and pulled out in the blocked pipe which pulls out all the blocking agents like hair and dirt.

Baking Soda and Vinegar
A mixture of baking soda and vinegar is used for clearing out the blocked drainage pipes. 1/3 cup of both the items are mixed and this forms a fizzy substance. This fizzy liquid is then poured into the blocked pipe without wasting any time. This solution should be left undisturbed overnight and then after a night, a bucket of hot water should be poured into it to clear out the pipe.

Vacuum Suction
Vacuum suction is a fun way to clean blocked drain pipes very easily. It may not be the most efficient way but it is worth a try. The liquid is first sucked out of the drainage pipe at low vacuum level. After the water is drained out, the vacuum suction pipe is listed deep inside and it is to be turned on at the highest power and it will most probably suck out the blocked items in a pipe.

Blocked Drain

Boiling Water
Boiling water is one method that is most commonly used in clearing out blocked drain pipes. High temperatures tend to melt most of the dirt which opens the drainage system. The water which is to be poured into it should be absolutely boiling and not just lukewarm water.

Cleaning the Drainage Pipe
This method is a tiring and complex method but a very effective one. The pipes are loosened by using a plumber’s wrench and a bucket is placed underneath the pipe to collect all the water that shall be released out of it and you may also find the blocking agent in it. It helps you to know the items locking your drainage system so that you can take precautionary measures in the future.

Salt and Baking Soda
½ cup of both salt and baking soda should be mixed in a container and poured into the blocked pipe. Then it should be left there for some time (an hour at least). After this boiling water should be poured in it which would create a chemical reaction and reduce or burn the blocked item which would result in clearance of your drainage pipe.

Washing Detergent
The liquid washing detergent which is used for washing utensils may be poured into the clogged pipe and you may leave it for some 20-30 minutes. It would create a lubrication around the clogged item and after this step, a quick and large flow of water should be released inside the pipe using a water hose or a big bucket of water. This process should clear your pipe by outflowing all the items blocking your pipe.

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