How to Effectively Remove an Unwanted Tree

There are several reasons why you might need to get rid of a tree that is on your property. Some live trees have to be removed if they are in the way of utility lines or if its roots are damaging your home’s foundation. A diseased or dying tree needs to be removed to keep the disease from spreading to other trees, and a dead tree has to be cut down so it won’t fall over during a severe storm. If you choose not to hire a company to remove the tree for you, here is some advice for removing the tree on your own.

Cutting tree

Do Not Remove Large Trees

If the tree on your property is large, you shouldn’t try to do the job yourself. It will require more than one person to cut down the tree, as guide ropes should be used to help keep the tree from falling in the wrong direction. It is best to hire a professional company to safely remove any large trees.

Check the Tree Site

To remove a tree effectively, you will need to check the surrounding area for obstacles that could make removing it difficult to do. If it is growing close to a fence, your house or close to where cars are parked, you will need to plan out exactly how to remove the tree.

Establish Your Escape

When the tree starts to fall, you will want to select a path to use and get out of the way of the tree. For smaller trees, you may not need an escape path, but for medium size trees or larger, you will want to prevent getting caught under it as it falls. Pick a path that will take you out of the tree’s way as quickly as possible.

Choose the Proper Saw

For medium size trees, you will need a chainsaw to effectively cut it down. If you’ve never used a chainsaw, call a friend that has used one to help you. For smaller trees, a handsaw should be sufficient for cutting off the branches and cutting it down.

Use an Undercut and a Backcut

These two types of cuts will help guide the tree in the direction you wish it to fall. The undercut is down towards the bottom of the tree’s trunk. It is a v-shaped notch that is cut into the tree on the side in which it should fall. The backcut is always above the undercut on the opposite side of the tree. This takes stress of the tree so it can fall.

Removing a Fallen Tree

Once the tree is starting to fall, get out of its way and let it land. After it is on the ground, remove its branches and cut it into sections to make it easier to remove.

If you are unsure about cutting down a tree, call a professional company like Arborcomm Tree Removal Perth. Cutting a tree down can be dangerous and you shouldn’t do the task if you are uncomfortable with the idea of doing it yourself.

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